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A sustainable visit to Radovljica

07.09.2022 14:10

Below we have put together some simple tips for a sustainable visit to Radovljica.


Thanks to its good public transport connections, Radovljica is one of the easiest, fastest and most accessible destinations in Slovenia. Trains run from Radovljica to/from Ljubljana, Jesenice and Kranj, while buses run to/from Bled, Bohinj and Kranjska Gora. The bus and railway stations in Radovljica are located in close proximity to the old town centre of Radovljica, which is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Slovenia. The Lesce-Bled railway station is also nearby, where international trains stop, thus enabling a direct connection with Austria.

Photo 1: The train and bus stations are in close proximity to the old town centre



Radovljica is an excellent base for discovering the countryside and cultural heritage by bike. A network of marked road cycling routes lead along quiet side roads, through wonderful nature and picturesque villages, to castles, small churches, or to world-famous Bled. Maps of the marked cycle routes are available at the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre.


In addition to superb views and lovely towns and villages, the Radovljica area is also an excellent start point for mountain bike tours. You can access selected routes on the OutdoorActive app, which, via GPS, will guide you on your chosen route. When riding off-road, please ensure you stick to the suggested routes and obey the rules of conduct. If you don't bring your own bike with you, you can hire one in one of the bike hire facilities, among which is the Gorenjska Bike bike hire system, which has regular and e-bikes.


You can also discover Radovljica and the surroundings on foot or by taking advantage of public transport to take you to the start point. There are numerous trails, which range in difficulty, incline and length. During your visit, you are sure to be impressed by the well-marked theme trails and other hiking trails, which attract visitors throughout the year. In addition to wonderful nature and a wealth of cultural heritage, many of the trails offer magnificent views of the Radovljica Plains, the Karavanke mountains and the Julian Alps.

Photo 2: Theme and hiking trails await year-round



Buy and eat locally produced, seasonal food. Due to its short supply routes, locally produced food is higher in quality, fresh and healthy. You can get a variety of products from Radovljica’s food producers, including milk and other dairy products, home-pressed juices, meat, fruit and vegetables and honey. Every first Saturday in the month, you can visit the Radol’ca Market, which features some of Radovljica’s food suppliers as well as handicrafts and antiques. Locally produced food is also available from local shops, which are found in the town and surroundings.


Local producers provide Radovljica's restaurants with fresh produce, which talented chefs turn into exceptional dishes. The range of cuisine in Radovljica and its surroundings, which has long been considered as being of the finest quality and authentic, is based on the preparation of tasty dishes that best reflect the producers' healthy, raw ingredients. The restaurants offering local ingredients are united under the Taste Radol'ca association. Five of the restaurants in the Radol'ca area have been awarded the Green Cuisine Label (Gostišče TulipanHiša LinhartGostišče Kunstelj, Baffi house of pizza and Gostišče Draga), which is recognition of their sustainable endeavours.


In addition to locally produced food, you can buy numerous handicraft products in Radovljica and the surroundings. In the old town centre, in addition to restaurants and coffee shops, there are some local artisans, who offer products made from ceramic, leather, felt and other materials. There are plenty of interesting local products available at the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre, the Pharmacy and Alchemy Museum and the Museum of Apiculture.

Photo 3: Local producers supply Radovljica's restaurants with fresh produce, which talented chefs transform into exceptional dishes.



In recent years, Radovljica has become an increasingly popular destination. During your visit, plan and consciously monitor your decisions, which will contribute to conserving the environment for future visitors. Ensure any rubbish is separated and placed in the appropriate bins and be sure not to leave any sign of your visit other than your footprints.

Photo 4: Conserve nature; leave only your footprints behind.



You can rest and quest your thirst in numerous places in Radovljica and the surroundings. Water fountains, which are switched on between April and October, provide drinking water in towns and villages, as well as at certain places on cycling and walking trails, in sports parks and playgrounds. Benches where you can take a rest are situated in close proximity to the water fountains.

Photo 5: Take a rest and quench your thirst at numerous locations in the town and surroundings



Opt for a longer holiday in one destination, thus avoiding multiple journeys and allowing you more time to opt for more sustainable travel. Radovljica and its surroundings is particularly interesting for those who are lovers of historic town centres, cultural attractions and museums, while there are also countless opportunities in the near surroundings for various outdoor activities. Radovljica is also the ideal place for families with young children, who can avail of the numerous children's playgrounds or family adventures. Radovljica is located on the threshold of the Julian Alps, while Bled is just 7 kilometres away. Therefore, prior to your arrival, take time to work out all the options and make the most of them.

Photo 6: The 'Follow a Bee Through Radovljica' family adventure



There are many reasons for, and advantages to, visiting Radovljica outside the main season. In addition to the peace, wonderful nature and attractions that will inspire you regardless of the season, there is also a range of different activities from which to choose, which provide just the right amount of healthy fun and recreation. In the off-peak season, there is a greater selection of available accommodation, so it is easier to select your desired location and price. By booking accommodation directly with the provider, the price will most likely be more favourable, as doing so avoids the added costs charged by international reservation systems. In addition, outside the main tourist season, accommodation providers have more time to devote to guests. In autumn, there is still an abundance of local produce in gardens, which you can savour while enjoying local food, and the days are still warm enough for outdoor activities, without the need for sun cream and air-conditioning. The Radol'ca area has quite a few providers that are holders of the Green Key certificate. These are: Camp Šobec, Hiša Linhart, Gostišče Tulipan, Gostilna Kunstelj and Gostišče Draga. By visiting outside the main season, you can significantly minimise the negative impact on the environment in terms of the burden on the area.

Photo 7: Radovljica is beautiful regardless of the season



Take a look around and get to know local residents. Artists, artisans, restaurateurs and other residents will be delighted by your smile and a quick chat. If during the week you take a seat in Linhart Square in front of Radovljica Manor, you can listen to young musicians who attend the Radovljica Music School. You can also soak up the pleasant atmosphere in other villages in the surroundings of Radovljica: Kropa, Kamna Gorica, Begunje na Gorenjskem, Mošnje and Lesce. Visitors to Radovljica consider locals as friendly and hospitable people who like to chat and/or help others.

Photo 8: Visitors to Radovljica consider locals as friendly and hospitable people


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