Museum of Apiculture

Take off into the world of the Carniolan grey bee, learn about the history of beekeeping in Slovenia, and admire the diverse painted beehive panels.

The largest exhibition of painted beehive panels
The observation hive where you can watch the industrious bees hard at work
The largest exhibition of painted beehive panels

Slovenian beekeeping is marked by centuries of world renowned tradition. In 2017 the birth date of the pioneer of Slovenian beekeeping, Anton Jansa – 20th May – was announced as World Bee Day. His work and that of other Slovenian beekeepers is on view in the Museum of Apiculture, Radovljica.


In the museum in Radovljica Manor there is an outstanding exhibition of nearly 250 hand-painted beehive panels. This is the largest exhibition of this particular Slovenian folk art. The oldest known painted beehive panel, dating from 1758, is also on view.


The third part of the exhibition is devoted to the Carniolan grey bee, an indigenous breed of bee. Due to its biological specialities the Carniolan grey bee is one of the most popular bees and among Slovenians it has long held a special place. A visit to the museum is especially interesting from spring to autumn where there is an observation hive where you can watch the industrious bees hard at work.


You can end your visit to the Museum of Apiculture by watching a documentary film, available in Slovenian or English, about the Carniolan grey bee.


The Museum of Apiculture opened in Radovljica in 1959 and still to this day its content and the extent of its exhibits are unique in Slovenia and Europe. All exhibits are labelled in Slovenian, English, German and Italian. Guided tours for groups are also available upon prior arrangement in Slovenian, German and English.


Radovljica Municipality Museums, Linhartov trg 1, Radovljica 
T: +386 (0)4 532 05 20

January, Ferbruary Tuesday-Friday 8am -3pm  
March and April, November and December Tuesday-Sunday 10am -4pm  
May-October Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm  


  • Children: 2 €
  • Adults: 5 €
  • Family ticket: 10 €

Museum of Apiculture + The Municipal Museum:

  • Children: 3 €
  • Adults: 6 €
  • Family ticket: 12 €


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