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22.05.2024 14:09
Check out the don't miss events and experiences in Radol'ca this summer

Are you still undecided about where to spend your summer holidays or searching for ideas for places to go on day trips? Look no further, you're certain to have a great time in Radol'ca!

Local gifts from Radovljica

There is a diverse range of gifts available in Radol'ca. The majority are available in the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre and in the shops in the old town centre, so in this blog, we decided to focus mainly on food-related gifts.

Taste Radolca street food

Not only can you discover Taste Radol'ca, which is Radovljica's culinary union, on the terraces and interiors of restaurants, but also at events in Radovljica. We found out why street food presents them with a special challenge.

25.10.2023 10:33
Taste Radol'ca anniversary

Taste Radol'ca is a special culinary union. Excellent cooperation between partners is the number one reason for the 10+ years of local integration. Four of Radol’ca’s chefs tell us how and why they are so successful at what they do.

18.10.2023 10:09
A traditional Sunday meal

Sunday is a time for family get-togethers over a delicious Sunday lunch. Read on to find out about a traditional Sunday meal and where it is served in Radovljica and its surroundings.

17.10.2023 14:57
The Boutique Vegerila Farm

Taste Radol'ca restaurants are distinguised by the excellent food, which is based on fresh, seasonal and locally produced ingredients. Read our chat with a local producer. 

A Unique Culinary Experience

This year's Month of Local Cuisine in Radol'ca will open with a new, boutique culinary experience named The Farmer's Table, at which the best of Radolca's chefs will pamper our tastebuds. 

01.09.2023 08:00
Nature, culture and excellent cuisine

Autumn is a wonderful time to explore Slovenia, whether for outdoor activities or learning about cultural heritage, and not forgetting a visit to great restaurants. Below you can read our latest suggestions for an autumn trip in the surroundings of Radovljica.

29.06.2023 10:46
Lunch with a view

We invite you to experience the hills and mountains in the Radol'ca area. And because we would like you to enjoy the views and mountain pastures with all your senses, we have put together some information about what food is available in the mountain huts in the surrounding area.

12.06.2023 14:25
Along the route of the national championship

The best Slovenian cyclists will race for the title of 'National Champion', with the start and finish in Radovljica. Below we reveal the route and invite you to have a go at part of it yourself by choosing one of the cycle routes in the Radol'ca area.

10.05.2023 12:37
World Bee Day

In May, when we celebrate World Bee Day, we set off on a journey of discovery of Radovljica's beehives. Radovljica is home to the Museum of Apiculture and the Beekeeping Education Centre of Gorenjska, as well as renowned beekeepers and attractive bee-related experiences.

21.03.2023 07:57
20.03.2023 10:34
10th Radovljica Chocolate Festival

Radol'ca's chocolatiers are already getting ready for the 10th Radovljica Chocolate Festival.

10th Radovljica Chocolate Festival

Make the most of the pleasant April temperatures and the Radovljica Chocolate Festival to visit Radovljica, where you will discover why it's not only the sweetest town in Slovenia but also one of the loveliest.

26.01.2023 10:14
Planica 2023

Visit and experience the events in Planica from Radovljica. Useful information and tips for visitors.

12.12.2022 11:40
Getaway to the 'sweetest' town in Slovenia this December

A range of advice and ideas to help you on your visit to Radovljica this December.






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