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21.03.2023 07:57
20.03.2023 10:34
10th Radovljica Chocolate Festival

Radol'ca's chocolatiers are already getting ready for the 10th Radovljica Chocolate Festival.

08.03.2023 13:21
10th Radovljica Chocolate Festival

Make the most of the pleasant April temperatures and the Radovljica Chocolate Festival to visit Radovljica, where you will discover why it's not only the sweetest town in Slovenia but also one of the loveliest.

Planica 2023

Visit and experience the events in Planica from Radovljica. Useful information and tips for visitors.

12.12.2022 11:40
Getaway to the 'sweetest' town in Slovenia this December

A range of advice and ideas to help you on your visit to Radovljica this December.

06.12.2022 09:20
Sweet Radovljica Treats

The long and cold December evenings and the approaching holiday celebrations bring with them time for festive baking. Read on to find out about which festive treats can be smelt coming from home kitchens in Radovljica.

08.11.2022 13:28

At the start of November, which due to Taste Radol'ca is the tastiest month of the year, we chatted with three chefs who have been part of Radovljica's culinary story from the very outset. Below you can read what the three chefs – Uroš Štefelin (Hiša Linhart, one Michelin Star), Aleš Tavčar (Gostišče Draga) and Milan Milanović (Gostišče Tulipan) – think today about the Month of Local Cuisine, which first took place in 2013.

11.10.2022 12:06
Neopolitan pizzas from Radol'ca

Baffi, a newcomer among Taste Radol'ca restaurants, will introduce a special pizza in November – the Month of Radol'ca Cuisine.

14.09.2022 09:42
Sustainability, and local ingredients in restaurants

“We believe that sustainability is a way of life; we are working today for the future.” This is the thinking of chef Uroš Štefelin, from Hiša Linhart, who this year was awarded a Michelin Star and is also the initiator of the Taste Radol'ca association.

Local produce and products

By buying local specialities, produce and products, which are lovingly tended to and produced by hardworking locals, you are buying into a healthy future.

13.09.2022 21:00
Some ideas for what to see and do on rainy days

A visit to the Radol'ca area is undoubtedly best when it's not raining, but even when it is, there's still plenty to do in Radovljica and the surroundings. Read on to find out more.

07.09.2022 14:10
Be aware of your footprint

Below we have put together some simple tips for a sustainable visit to Radovljica.

06.09.2022 14:56
Day of Honey in Cuisine

Radovljica is a land of beekeepers, and, thanks to the Museum of Apiculture, which has been housed in Radovljica Manor for over 60 years, it is rooted in the conciousness of Slovenes as the Slovenian 'capital' of beekeeping. And, to top it all, it's just a stone's throw from the birth place of Anton Janša. 

01.09.2022 13:56
3 circular hiking trails

Written by Kaja Beton, October 2018, Photo: Kaja Beton and Jošt Gantar


Autumn steadily colours the leaves and changes nature into a wonderful painting on canvas. Set off on one of our suggested hiking tours where you can enjoy the autumn colours and wonderful nature.

01.09.2022 08:00
Nature, culture and excellent cuisine

Autumn is a wonderful time to explore Slovenia, whether for outdoor activities or learning about cultural heritage, and not forgetting a visit to great restaurants. Below you can read our latest suggestions for an autumn trip in the surroundings of Radovljica.

24.06.2022 13:55
Queen of Slovenian holiday celebrations

Potica from Radovljica, which has become an online and global hit this year.






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