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Radovljica, a place for special events


Invite your friends or business partners to Radovljica's old town centre, where exceptional events can be arranged. The halls in the Radovljica Mansion are ideal for group gatherings such as banquets, receptions and other social events.

Events can be enhanced with a wide range of entertainment and cultural programmes that provide a comprehensive experience. Events and entertainment can also be held outdoors in the area in front of the Radovljica Mansion, or elsewhere.


Event types that can be arranged:


Banquets in the Radovljica Mansion can be carried out by a partner company of your choice and may be either standing or seated. Reception of guests may take place in Linhart Square or in the entrance hall of the mansion.



Weddings in Radovljica Mansion


The imposing Baroque hall in the Radovljica Mansion is a special venue for couples who want to spend their special day in a wonderful ambience.


The opulent Radovljica Mansion provides a unique venue for your wedding.

Go up the grand staircase into the illuminated Baroque Hall and pledge your eternal love in its embrace. If required, the dance hall, the covered atrium, the shady terrace or the first-floor entrance hall, are also available as additional areas for your reception.


Should you prefer to be outdoors, receptions can also be held on the shady terrace or the beautiful square in front of St. Peter's church. The close proximity of the church, directly next to the mansion, also means it is possible to have a church and civil ceremony all in one place.


Themed weddings can also be arranged, for example accompanied by characters in local Baroque costume, and catering can be arranged according to your wishes.


MICE in Radovljica Old Town


Radovljica offers more than just the magnificent Baroque Mansion.


The old town centre of Radovljica, just kilometres from world-famous Bled, is an exceptional place to hold group events.

Special events can take place in the magnificent halls of the Radovljica Mansion or in the beautiful square in front of the church. Since the mansion is adjacent to the church, it is possible to easily combine both. Various types of receptions with the finest entertainment can also be held in picturesque Linhart Square.


Treat your business partners and colleagues to an experience of the authenticity of Radovljica's old town centre.





Baroque Hall

The Baroque Hall is located on the first floor of the mansion. It is very light and airy and has views of the Karavanke mountains. It has opulent lighting, which can be adjusted according to your wishes. The room is square-shaped and has a high ceiling. The east side of the hall is connected with an area that can be used for the preparation of banquets, or as a storage area, cloakroom or a room for performers. The west side is connected to the Dance Hall.


Dance Hall 

The renovation of the Late Baroque decorative paintings on the ceiling make the Dance Hall particularly appropriate for special occasions. It has a rectangular floorplan and the ceiling is lower than that of the Baroque Hall. On one side it is connected with the Baroque Hall, on the other with the corridor that can be used as an area for performers.


Ground-floor Atrium

The atrium is covered with a glass roof. It is connected with the spacious entrance hall and shady terrace. It is suitable for events such as small banquets and concerts and literary evenings.



The terrace is enclosed by the mansion on three sides, whilst on the northern side there are wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. The terrace is connected to the atrium and courtyard in front of St. Peter's church. It is suitable for receptions, and other more intimate events such as small shows and concerts.

All areas are wheelchair accessible.


Capacities of areas in Radovljica Mansion:


  Space Seated banquet Standing reception Cinema arrangement
Baroque Hall 145 m2 120 people 250 people 180 people
Dance Hall 125 m2 80 people 200 people 160 people
Atrium 88 m2   50 people  
Terrace     50 people  




Kaja Beton
T: +386 (0)8 205 13 88
M: +386 (0)40 460 676



Blanka Grašič
M: +386 (0)41 366 821





Radovljica on the terraces of the Sava river
The capital of beekeeping and chocolate

Radovljica is the sweetest Slovenian town, also known as the town with the most sun in Gorenjska.

Radovljica Manor
The 'King' of Linhart Square

The architectural style of the manor in Radovljica old town is 18th century in character, whilst its interior is home to museums, music and events.

Local ingredients and excellent recipes

The range of cuisine in Radovljica and its surroundings has long been regarded as top-quality and genuinely local.




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