Radovljica on the terraces of the Sava river


Radovljica is the sweetest Slovenian town, also known as the town with the most sun in Gorenjska.

Linhart Square and Radovljica Manor
Linhart Square
Radovljica is known as the town with the most sun in Gorenjska
Čebelica house

The charming and quaint town of Radovljica lies on a terrace of the Sava river, just a few kilometres from world-renowned Bled. The heart and soul of the town is Linhart Square, which is one of the most beautiful old town centres in Slovenia.


There are several museums in the square as well as excellent restaurants and a selection of accommodation. Next to the old town centre there is a small well-kept park, which is the remains of the former baroque park. Along the main road through Radovljica towards the swimming pool there are a series of secession villas, among them the Radovljica municipal building with its colourful bee-themed decoration above the entrance. Due to this decor, it is known as 'Čebelica' (the little bee).


Radovljica's sports infrastructure and excellent position along transport corridors and close to rivers and mountains offers unlimited possibilites for recreation year-round.


Throughout the year a series of interesting events, performances and shows take place. The most notable and widely known is the Chocolate Festival, which takes place every year in April. For over a decade lovers of old music have been enjoying the summer Radovljica Festival.


Radovljica is the administrative and educational centre of the Municipality of Radovljica. The town's most important citizens are the late Anton Tomaž Linhart, histiographer and playwright, and the late Ivan Vurnik, architect. In the old town centre there are monuments to the Radovljica-born benefactress Josipina Hočevar and the art historian Cene Avguštin.





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A mobile app for discovering the town.

Set off on an experience through the town of Radovljica. You will be 'joined' by Anton Tomaž Linhart, whilst along the way you will encounter fun tasks and virtual surprises.

Guided tours of the old town centre
Experience Radovljica with a local guide

Explore one of Slovenia's most beautiful town centres in the company of a local guide.

One of the most beautiful town centres in Slovenia

The heart and soul of Radovljica is Linhart Square which inspires with the variety and authenticity of its preserved architecture.

Radovljica Manor
The 'King' of Linhart Square

The architectural style of the manor in Radovljica old town is 18th century in character, whilst its interior is home to museums, music and events.

The largest exhibition of painted beehive panels
The tradition of Slovenian beekeeping

Take off into the world of the Carniolan grey bee, learn about the history of beekeeping in Slovenia, and admire the diverse painted beehive panels.


Coming Soon


16.12.2018 16:00

A pre New Year's Eve concert of choirs from Kropa

22.12.2018 00:00
22nd-30th December, Radovljica

A wide range of events for all the family take place during the month of December in Radovljica.

22.12.2018 10:00
Linhart square, Radovljica

Radovljica will once again be bathed in festivities with a Christmas market, kids workshop, a concert by Manouche and street food.


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17.10.2018 13:56
3 circular hiking trails

Written by Kaja Beton, October 2018, Photo: Kaja Beton and Jošt Gantar


Autumn steadily colours the leaves and changes nature into a wonderful painting on canvas. Set off on one of our suggested hiking tours where you can enjoy the autumn colours and wonderful nature.

27.11.2018 07:54
A variety of events and magical decoration

This year's festive December in Radovljca begins with a St. Nicholas fair, which will also feature the switch-on of the Christmas lights and the closing event of the Taste Radol'ca Month of Local Cuisine.

01.12.2018 00:00
1.-31. December, Radovljica

An orientation journey through Radovljica which the whole family can enjoy.

05.12.2018 09:41

written by Radovljica Tourism, December 2018


In December Radovljica doesn't change into an illuminated galaxy and nor does it abound with kilometres of lights. Instead it boasts unique natural and handmade decorations made out of greenery, red hearts and a fairytale-like Christmas tree.

Naziv vsebine

27.11.2018 07:54
A variety of events and magical decoration
23.11.2018 13:59
Five Radol'ca food and drink establishments included
01.10.2018 14:05
26.09.2018 11:44
New local souvenirs
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