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Where is Radol'ca and how to get here?


The area of Radol'ca is one of the most easily and quickly accessible destinations in Slovenia with excellent public transport connections. The biggest town is Radovljica.

  • Radovljica is situated next to the A2 motorway and is connected by three motorway exits: Brezje, Radovljica, Lesce
  • Radovjlica is just a few kilometres from Bled, half-an-hour from Ljubljana, and only slightly more to Bohinj, Kranjska Gora and Škofja Loka.
  • Radovljica is less than a half-hour's drive from Ljubljana's Jože Pučnik airport.
  • For those travelling by public transport, Radovljica has excellent bus connections as it is situated at a junction between Bled, Jesenice and Ljubljana. Thus, all buses stop in Radovljica enroute to/from Ljubljana, Bled, Bohinj and Kranjska Gora.
  • The Ljubljana-Villach (Austria) railway line also runs through the Radovljica countryside. The main railway station is in Lesce, whilst there are smaller stations in Podnart, Globoko, Otoče and Radovljica.




When visiting the old town centre of Radovljica we recommend using the following public car parks:

  • car park in front of the old town centre – Gorenjska cesta: blue zone, maximum of 3 hours
  • parking areas along Gorenjska cesta: blue zone, maximum of 2 hours
  • car park between Kranjska and Ljubljanska cesta: blue zone, maximum of 2 hours
  • car park in front of Grajski dvor hotel, Kranjska cesta: blue zone, maximum 3 hours
  • parking spaces along Kajuhova ulica, unlimited parking

Parking in blue zones is time restricted. Drivers must display their time of arrival in a visible place in their vehicles using a parking disc or by writing the time of arrival on a piece of paper.

It is also possible to park in private parking spaces in the underground car park in Vurnikov trg (Vurnik Square). Access is possible from Kopališca cesta or Kranjska cesta. Parking costs €8 per day. Parking tickets for the underground car park can be obtained from the staff at Pizzeria Maticek in Vurnikov trg, who will also inform you of the appointed parking space. Entrance into the car park is permitted from 8am – 10pm. For further information we recommend that you ask a member of staff at the pizzeria.




Getting here

By car

Coming from central Slovenia, the quickest way to Radol'ca is along the A2 Ljubljana–Jesenice highway. The exits from the A2 highway are as follows:

  • Lesce (exit No. 3) – for Bohinj, Bled, Lesce, Begunje na Gorenjskem, Lipnica Valley, and Jelovica Plateau
  • Radovljica (exit No. 4) – for Radovljica, Begunje na Gorenjskem, and Podvin
  • Brezje (exit No. 5) – for Brezje, Ljubno, Kropa, and Podnart
  • Podtabor (exit No. 6) – for Kropa and Lipnica Valley when coming from Ljubljana
Distances by road within Radol’ca:
  • Radovljica – Lesce 2 km
  • Radovljica – Begunje na Gorenjskem 5 km
  • Radovljica – Brezje 6 km
  • Radovljica – Kropa 10 km

Najbližji mejni prehodi: 

  • prelaza Korensko sedlo (45 km)
  • tunel Karavanke (45 km)
  • prelaz Ljubelj (28 km)
  • mejni prehod Rateče (45 km)
Road distances to larger towns in Slovenia:
  • Radovljica – Bohinjska Bistrica: 28 km
  • Radovljica – Bled 7 km
  • Radovljica – Bovec 84 km
  • Radovljica – Brnik 29 km
  • Radovljica – Celje 125 km
  • Radovljica – Kranj 22 km
  • Radovljica – Kranjska Gora 39 km
  • Radovljica – Ljubljana 48 km
  • Radovljica – Novo mesto 120 km
  • Radovljica – Postojna 96 km
  • Radovljica – Portorož 160 km
  • Radovljica – Ptuj 178 km
  • Radovljica – Maribor 175 km
Road distances to larger towns abroad:
  • Radovljica – Villach 53 km
  • Radovljica – Klagenfurt 60 km
  • Radovljica – VIenna 379 km
  • Radovljica – München 362 km
  • Radovljica – Salzburg 230 km
  • Radovljica – Trieste 137 km
  • Radovljica – Benetke 287 km
  • Radovljica – Zagreb 190 km
By bus

The town of Radovljica has a bus station, from which there are regular bus connections to Ljubljana, Kranj, Jesenice, Kranjska Gora, Bled, and Bohinj. Bus stops can be found in most of the settlements in Radol'ca. Buses to Kranjska Gora (via Jesenice) and Bohinj (via Bled), as well as those returning from Kranjska Gora and Bohinj and heading to Ljubljana, pass through the town of Lesce and stop at both of its bus stops.

There are also local bus links with Begunje, Žirovnica, Lesce, Kropa, and Brezje.



By rail

The Ljubljana–Jesenice railway route passes through Radol’ca. The main railway station is in the town of Lesce (Lesce-Bled railway station), which is where all the international trains stop. Apart from Lesce-Bled railway station, regional trains also stop at Podnart, Otoče, Globoko and Radovljica.



Road distances to surrounding airports:
  • Ljubljana Airport - 29 km
  • Maribor Airport - 168 km
  • Klagenfurt Airport - 60 km
  • Graz Airport - 210 km
  • Salzburg Airport - 232 km
  • München Airport - 398 km
  • Venice Airport - 257 km
  • Trieste Airport - 167 km
  • Zagreb Airport - 194 km


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