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Radovljica Recipient of a Gold 'Slovenia Green' Label

02.03.2020 11:58

The Municipality of Radovljica has successfully concluded its application to obtain a certificate as a 'Green Destination' and has acquired a gold 'Slovenia Green' label.

There are currently 14 destinations in the country that are holders of gold labels, while 17 destinations have been awarded silver and 22 bronze. Acquiring the label, which is awarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board, is proof that Radovljica is on the right track not only in the field of tourism but also those of sustainable development, preserving nature and cultural heritage, and social inclusion.


The 'Slovenia Green' tourism scheme is a certification scheme that combines all the initiatives in the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia under the 'Slovenia Green' brand. It provides destinations and providers with specific tools for assessing and improving sustainability and, through the 'Slovenia Green' brand also promotes 'green' operations.


Six areas are evaluated in the assessment process: destination management, nature and landscape, environment and climate, culture and tradition, social climate, and business operations of tourist companies. Radovljica received the highest rating in the area of culture and tradition, where it received maximum marks. It received the lowest score in the area of environment and climate, therefore it will be necessary to better address this area in the future.


Obtaining a 'Green Key' certificate was also fundamental in being awarded the gold label. This was awarded to the Woodhouse B&B at the end of 2019. In addition to achieving an excellent rating, in order to acquire a gold label, it is essential that at least one of the tourism providers in the destination holds a certified environmental award. According to the manageress of Woodhouse B&B, Zorana Bohinc, the entire construction of the family house, which is located in Dobro polje, was conceived in a sustainable way, as this means less operating and maintenance costs. As a result achieving the Green Key certificate was easier and more simple.


The process of obtaining the label took place in 2019. The 'Green Team' was led by the director of the Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture, Nataša Mikelj, whilst the heads of some departments of the Municipality of Radovljica also participated actively and together gathered a lot of information in the field of sustainable development.


However, acquisition of the 'Slovenia Green' label is not the end of the process, since the destination and municipality have pledged to continue to develop in a sustainable way in the area of tourism as well as in all other areas.


More information in connection with the 'Green' label and 'Green' content can be found here.

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Between June and November 2019 a survey was carried out among local residents, visitors and tourism providers of the Municipality of Radovljica which analysed people's attitude towards tourism, visitor profiles and the destination's sustainable goals.

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