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Locals support tourism, while visitors are satisfied with their visit

28.11.2019 13:44

Between June and November 2019 a survey was carried out among local residents, visitors and tourism providers of the Municipality of Radovljica which analysed people's attitude towards tourism, visitor profiles and the destination's sustainable goals.

The survey results showed that local residents support tourism and see its consequences as being more positive than negative. Visitors are satisfied with what the destination has to offer; they most often visit because of the main attractions – apiculture, hiking, and gastronomy. Meanwhile, events are one of the most important reasons that Slovenian visitors come. On average Slovenian guests spend less than foreign guests who often visit the Radol'ca area from Ljubljana or Bled.


The survey was available on the website 1ka between 9th June and 24th November. Each segment of the population completed the survey, and in total 307 people participated. The survey was carried out on accession to the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism.


The results of the survey among local residents show they have a positive attitude towards tourism, however, it is noticeable that they would like the local population to be more actively included in planning tourism. The highest number of locals agreed with the statements 'I support the tourism development of the destination', while the lowest number agreed with the statements 'In the peak season the number of visitors is troublesome', 'Tourism in our destination causes environmental pollution', and 'As a local resident I have the opportunity to take part in the planning of sustainable tourism'. The suggestions and opinions submitted by local residents in the survey recognise the awareness of the local population on the one hand, and an awareness of projects carried out by the Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture on the other.  


The survey among visitors was available in both the Slovenian and English languages. There are some noticeable differences between Slovenian and English-speaking visitors. Whilst Slovenians tend to visit the Radol'ca area from home, foreigners often visit from other destinations in Slovenia – as can be expected, the most common are Ljubljana and Bled. The survey results also showed that Slovenian visitors spend less than foreigners.


The chief reason for visiting is to see the main tourist attractions, followed by rest and relaxation, hiking, apiculture, and gastronomy. Visits by Slovenians are often connected to events.


Ninety-seven percent of those who completed surveys said that they were satisfied with their visit to the destination. They also wrote additional positive comments in the notes section at the end of the survey in which they emphasised the beauty of the town and its tranquility and cleanliness. It is mainly Slovenian guests who tend to pay the most visits to the destination.


The survey for the tourist economy was mainly completed by providers of tourist accommodation and food and beverage outlets, as well as some tourist farms, providers of activities and experiences, and museums. A gravitation towards sustainable tourism is also noticeable among them.


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