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Sweet Memories of Radol'ca



Choose from the range of honey products available at Radovljica's Tourist Information Centre and take part of Radol'ca home with you.

Honey, honey liqueurs and chocolate with honey – all produced by local beekeepers and chocolatiers, and mugs painted with honey themes, the work of Radovljica VDC and the young artist Meta Šolar.


The following honey and beekeeping-related products are available at the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre:

  • honey and honey products from local beekeepers
  • chocolate bars and chocolates with honey
  • mugs
  • wooden spoons for honey
  • painted hive frontal boards
  • products from honey dough
  • ceramic and wooden bees
Medeni spomini na Radol'co

Special offer for groups:

  • Guided tour of the Museum of Apiculture
  • Visit the Beekeeping Education Centre of Gorenjska
  • Workshop making candles from beeswax
  • Honey menus in Taste Radol'ca restaurants
  • Tasting of honey and honey products
  • Workshop decorating Lectar honeybread hearts
  • Visit to a beekeeper

Send us an enquiry and we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you!



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