Lectar Workshop and Museum, Radovljica

Lectar Workshop and Museum

A workshop and museum, full of delicious smells of honeybread, and where every day decorative honeybread products are made.

Baking honeybread in the Lectar Workshop
Decorating Lectar hearts
Decorating Lectar hearts

This traditional Slovenian craft is still alive in Radovljica's old town centre. In the cellar of Lectar Inn in Linhart Square you will be charmed by the enticing smells of genuine Lectar hearts. The inn is also home to the Lectar Workshop and Museum where you can watch the hearts being made, see the traditional equipment and baking implements, and watch how the hearts are decorated. There is also a collection of decades-old honeybread hearts and other similar items.


The cute Lectar heart workshop operates in the vaulted cellar. Genuine Lectar hearts are still made using original equipment in a traditional way and according to the original recipe. Products can also be bought and/or personalised products can be made to order to fit your requirements. Your name, or the name of your loved one, can be written onto hearts. For groups it is possible to arrange a workshop where participants have the chance to decorate their own Lectar hearts.


The first Lectar workshop - honeybread and candlemaking – began in the house in Linhart Square in Radovljica in 1766. In 1822 the owners also opened an inn, which, due to its gingerbread making craft (in Slovenian 'Lectar'), was named Pri Lectarju. The tradition of honeybread making in the house later died away, however the inn retained its name. In 2006 the current owners once again revived the tradition.


The museum and workshop can be visited whenever the inn is open, where you can listen to an explanation about the production and history of the craft.



Pension and restaurant Lectar, Linhartov trg 2, Radovljica
T: +386 (0)4 537 48 00
E: info@lectar.com


Daily from 9am-10pm


Festival čokolade Radovljica



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