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Guided tour of Radovljica

18.06.2024 10:00

Every Tuesday morning Radovljica's Tourist Information Centre invites you to join a guided tour of the old town centre.

During a guided tour of Radovljica’s old town centre you will discover its hidden corners, such as the Gothic tavern, the chapel of St. Edith Stein, and the Baroque Hall in Radovljica Mansion.


FREE of charge for Julian Alps:Radovljica cardholders

All other vitors: 5,00eur/person

Every Tuesday at 10am.

Every Sunday at 10am (between 15.6 and 15.9 2024).

Meeting point: Radovljica Tourist Information Centre

Registration required at: or 0038645315112


Guided tours are intended for individual visitors and are conducted in English and Slovene.

Tours for groups of more than 10 people are charged according to the current price list.



Individuals and groups can hire a local tourist guide for a guided tour of Radovljica. The guide will lead you through the old town centre and show you its sights of interest and hidden corners.




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