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Cuisine in Radovljica and its surroundings


When we talk about Radol'ca's cuisine, one tends to first think of popular, old restaurants with a long tradition followed immediately by contemporary culinary approaches, top-notch culinary events, and local ingredients.


When you are travelling throughout the Radol'ca area, or indeed anywhere in the Gorenjska region, we thoroughly recommend dining at one of our popular restaurants or inns, where the excellent cuisine is accompanied by wonderful views and a homely atmosphere.



There are several acclaimed restaurants in the town of Radovljica and its surroundings, the most prominent among which is Hiša Linhart with its head chef Uroš Štefelin. Uroš has received numerous awards for his cuisine, which he bases on traditional Gorenjska cuisine, the most prestigious of which was the Michelin Star received in 2020, one of the first to receive a Michelin Star in Slovenia.



In addition to gourmet restaurants, you will also be well received at Radol'ca's authentic village inns, good pizzerias, well-kept hotel restaurants and other smaller culinary outlets. With the wide variety of cuisine and with something to suit every budget, there is good reason to stop off in Radovljica during your trip around the Julian Alps.


Radol'ca, the home of good restaurants.




Excellent restaurants and inns in Radovljica area

Taste Radol'ca unites excellent restaurants and inns in Radovljica and its surroundings, all of which place an emphasis on using local ingredients and providing great quality. They are joined by a chain of local suppliers.



Radovljica is known for its exceptional culinary events

Radovljica is known for its exceptional culinary events. Visitors flock to the Radovljica Chocolate Festival every April, November is the month of Taste Radol'ca local menus, while music events are an opportunity for street food.



Taste the delights of Radol'ca's restaurants and inns

The diversity of cuisine is the reason that everyone will find their favourite place to dine in Radol'ca. Here, Michelin-starred restaurants meet authentic inns, and traditional Gorenjska dishes with modern and international flavours.



We recommend:


Radovljica Chocolate Tour

Get to know a town of chocolate. This guided experience includes visits to selected places connected with chocolate in the quaint town, as well as tasting of chocolates and other chocolate delights.

30.03.2022 09:54
From the fields to the pot

What do the Vegerila Organic Farm, the Semenjalnica organic seed storage and exchange project, and the Gostilna pri Jarmu inn have in common? In addition to the fact that all three of them are in the municipality of Radovljica, they all have one other common denominator – beans!

01.03.2022 10:00
A visit to Linhart Hall by the food critics Uroš and Violeta Mencinger

A visit to Linhart Hall by the food critics Uroš and Violeta Mencinger and a talk on the topic of quality criteria.

01.03.2022 15:20
Farmers, craft and antiques market!

Saturday mornings are a great time to visit Radovjlica's the old town centre. The Radol'ca market, which takes place on the first Saturday in the month in the square in front of St. Peter's church, is an additional reason to visit.

by: Špelina Shramba

07.09.2020 14:21
Where to eat in Radovljica

There are an ever increasing number of people who choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan way of eating, as well as those of us - myself included - who have dietary 'challenges' to be overcome. It was with this in mind that I decided to check out what some of the Taste Radol’ca restaurants have to offer.

19.06.2019 13:21
Adele Gray na terasi Gostilne Avguštin
Top 5 restaurants with terraces offering fantastic views

Written by Adele Gray, June 2019


As someone who works at home, when deciding to eat out, it’s as much about a change of scenery as it is about the food – though of course bad food with a good view doesn’t cut the mustard!

Kunstelj Inn's ideas for dishes using forest herbs

What are the flavours of the forest? Colourful and fresh! You can be convinced of that in November during the traditional Radovljica Month of Local Cuisine.

A successful culinary story

Written by Chef Uroš Štefelin, November 2018


Taste Radol'ca restaurants in November are doing really well and are full. However, we don't only want full restaurants but, above all, satisfied guests who return and are keen to discover ever-new culinary stories.

Local ingredients on your plate


Our suppliers


Healthy products are produced in the lush green environment of sunny woodlands and countryside.

Farmers, fruit growers, beekeepers and other producers of local goods, grow, pick and process their products for you.


  • honey and honey products
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • baked goods
  • teas and herbs
  • chocolate




News & Blog


20.03.2023 10:34
10th Radovljica Chocolate Festival

Radol'ca's chocolatiers are already getting ready for the 10th Radovljica Chocolate Festival.

15.04.2023 00:00
Radovljica, every April

The biggest chocolate event and the most attractive culinary show in Slovenia.

23.03.2023 12:37
10th Radovljica Chocolate Festival

The judges of this year's annual competition for the title of 'Best Chocolate' were impressed by the quality and variety of chocolates. As in the past few years, the judges were the owners of the famous Austrian Zotter chocolate manufacturer. This year, 14 chocolates from seven Slovenian chocolatiers entered the race to be awarded the title 'Best Chocolate' at the 10th Radovljica Chocolate Festival.

Radovljica Chocolate Tour

Get to know a town of chocolate. This guided experience includes visits to selected places connected with chocolate in the quaint town, as well as tasting of chocolates and other chocolate delights.

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