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Taste Radol'ca restaurants strengthen connectivity and quality

01.03.2022 10:00

A visit to Linhart Hall by the food critics Uroš and Violeta Mencinger and a talk on the topic of quality criteria.

At the start of March, Radovljica hosted the food critics Uroš and Violeta Mencinger from Vivi (Šola okusov/School of Flavours). For years, the couple have together been evaluating restaurants in Slovenia as well as further afield. Their ratings have weight; they are a sign of quality and help gourmets in finding the best culinary providers. The successful biannual 'Restaurant Week' is the highlight of their work to connect restaurateurs in Slovenia. The next 'Restaurant Week' will take place from 25.3 to 3.4.2022. Some of Radovljica's restaurants also take part – Hiša Linhart, Gostišče Draga, Restavracija Center.


The Mencingers visited Radovljica on the invite of the Radovljica Tourist Board and prepared an introductory talk prior to the planned April assessment of all the members of Taste Radol'ca and possible new partners in the project. The talk on the topic of QUALITY CRITERIA took place in Linhart Hall. It was intended for all restaurateurs in the Radovljica area who strive for excellence and who want to retain their place among the finest of Radol'ca's providers united under the Taste Radol'ca brand, as well as allowing others to join their ranks.


These kinds of events encourage the level of quality and the variety of cuisine on offer, while also encouraging connectivity and cooperation among providers from the Radovljica area. On this opportunity of new assessments, Taste Radol'ca invites new partners into its circle, since all those involved have a desire to further connect the entire range of culinary products and services in the destination, thus raising its level even higher.


The Radovlijca Tourist Board thanks all those involved for the response and interest shown.


Those that were unable to attend the talk are invited to call 082 051 713 for more information about the aforementioned event and assessment.

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