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Restaurant Center

This well-known Lesce-based restaurant has a tradition dating back over 25 years. For the last eight years it has been in the hands of the younger generation of the Gluščič family who have committed themselves to offering diners a wide choice and maintaining its local story.

The restaurant, located in the centre of Lesce, offers quality and modernity whilst also having a desire to be accessible to all. The menu offers something for all tastes, from classic Gorenjska dishes to gourmet burgers and steaks. There are also some new more 'daring' dishes with a more modern look and refined flavours for those who like to try something new and different.


Daily and weekly lunch specials are also available; the latter place a greater role on the importantance of local ingredients and tradition. Restavracija Center cooperates with farms in the surroundings and with effect from 2019 has become a member of Taste Radol'ca.


The restaurant's multiple rooms can cater for up to 120 people. In spring and summer you can dine on the covered terrace, from where there are wonderful views of the Julian Alps. There is a large children's playground in close proximity and a car park in front of the restaurant.



  • Monday - Friday: 10am - 9pm
  • Tuesday: 10am - 2pm
  • Saturday: 11am - 9pm
  • Sunday: 11am - 6pm



Alpska cesta 15, 4248 Lesce
T: +386 (0)4 531 80 76


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