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La vie en chocolat – Chocolate Town Experience

Get to know a town of chocolate. This guided experience includes visits to selected places connected with chocolate in the quaint town, as well as tasting of chocolates and other chocolate delights.

Welcome to Radovljica, where life is sweet! Talk a stroll through the town of chocolate and find out how a cocoa bean sprouted ‘chocomania’, which has become the theme of this small alpine town. From the ancient world of the Mayans and Aztecs, through lively baroque chocolate ceremonies, to the modern solid form – chocolate has a long trail in its wake. The sweet genie escaped from the bottle and revealed the healing effects of the cocoa bean, as can be seen in the Radovljica Pharmacy and Alchemy Museum. Taste a piece of Slovenian nostalgia, which to this day is still made in Gorenjka – the first Slovenian chocolate factory. Listen to the story of the European flourishing of this sinfully sweet treat and enjoy an aristocratic-style chat over a cup of original chocolate. The aroma of chocolate can also be found in the haute cuisine at Hiša Linhart, where one of Slovenia’s top chefs works his magic. To end, roll up your sleeves and test your creativity at the Radol’ska Chocolate chocolatier. The entire experience will take place under the watchful eye and artful tongue of four hosts – chocolate lovers and proud owners of very special hats.



  • Meeting with an expert chocolate guide and sampling a shot of tepka pear schnapps
  • awakening a dragon and prophesying with chocolate beans in the Pharmacy and Alchemy Museum, while enjoying a cup of coffee
  • A visit to a viewing platform and tasting of classic Gorenjka chocolate
  • A tour of Radovljica Manor and tasting of three kinds of cocoa beans
  • Tasting of an Aztec chocolate drink in the Baroque Hall of Radovljica Manor
  • A chocolate-themed snack at Hiša Linhart
  • Demonstration of chocolate making, including tasting, and making Radol'ca florentines at the Radol'ška Čokolada chocolatier


*Next event: On request



PRICE: from 85 € per person

Duration: 3 hours

Number of participants: 2-8

Organised by Radovljica Tourist Board

INFORMATION: Radovljica Tourist Board, 08 205 13 88,

The Chocolate Experience only takes place upon prior arrangement.



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Radovljica, every April

The biggest chocolate event and the most attractive culinary show in Slovenia.

A boutique chocolate shop in Radovljica

Radolca Chocolate is a new, boutique chocolate shop, where all the chocolates sold are handmade in-house, located adjacent to Linhart Square in Radovljica.

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