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Radolca Chocolate

Radolca Chocolate is a new, boutique chocolate shop, where all the chocolates sold are handmade in-house, located adjacent to Linhart Square in Radovljica.

You can now enjoy the finest chocolate in Radovljica and see a chocolatier at work every day of the year. Radolca Chocolate isn't just a chocolate shop but rather it offers a comprehensive chocolate experience. With a range of innovative flavoured fillings, the use of original recipes, the finest quality local ingredients, and a pleasant ambience, visitors can experience a genuinely sweet chocolate experience throughout the year.


The chocolate shop is located at the mini-roundabout at the entrance to the old town centre of Radovljica, on the ground floor of the Bogataj House. In the past, for approximately 200 years up until the end of the 19th century, it housed a dye works. The Kunstel family, which also has family ties with the playwright and historian Anton Tomaž Linhart, ran one of the six dye works in Radovljica. The environmentally friendly packaging of the chocolate is a nod to this tradition and the past.


On offer:

  • Chocolate shop
  • Guided tasting sessions
  • Workshops
  • Team building
  • A chance to watch the chocolatier at work


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Radol'ca Chocolate

The first boutique chocolate shop in Radovljica has opened at the entrance to medieval Linhart Square

11.12.2021 09:00
Linhart square, Radovljica

A weekend of chocolate stories will take place in Radovjlica on the second weekend in December – in the Museum of Pharmacy and Alchemy, the new Radol'ca Chocolate chocolate shop, and other food and drink establishments in Linhart Square.

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