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A Chocolate Experience

02.06.2022 12:00

At the boutique chocolate shop Radolška čokolada, you can join various guided chocolate tastings throughout the year.

Radol'ca Chocolate is a boutique chocolatier, which combines the handmade production and sale of chocolate, located at the entrance to Linhart Square in Radovljica.
Join in an organised, guided chocolate tasting session.
The guided chocolate tasting sessions includes:
•    Welcome with an aperitif in a chocolate 'glass'
•    The story of how chocolate came to Europe in the 16th century, when it came to Slovenia and why Radovljica is the Slovenian 'capital' of chocolate
•    What the difference is between cocoa and chocolate
•    Where cocoa trees and beans grow and what they look like
•    What the finest cocoa is, what cocoa beans taste like and how does cocoa butter become chocolate
•    Demonstration by a master chocolatier of the process of tempering chocolate and making pralines
•    Tasting of chocolates using all the senses and a demonstration of the correct way to savour the flavour of chocolate
•    Every participant can choose two chocolates to take home from more than 30 various flavours, each of which has an emphasis on local ingredients and recipes
Duration of the guided tasting session: by arrangement

Reservations and information:

Gorenjska cesta 4
4240 Radovljica
M: 041 687 518


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A boutique chocolate shop in Radovljica

Radolca Chocolate is a new, boutique chocolate shop, where all the chocolates sold are handmade in-house, located adjacent to Linhart Square in Radovljica.

30.03.2022 13:52
Radovljica Chocolate Festival

On Tuesday 29th March judging took place at the Zotter chocolatier in Austria for the title 'Best Praline' of the 2022 Radovljica Chocolate Festival. Five Slovenian chocolatiers registered for the competition, each of which entered two different flavoured chocolates.

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