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Best chocolate praline 2022

30.03.2022 13:52

On Tuesday 29th March judging took place at the Zotter chocolatier in Austria for the title 'Best Praline' of the 2022 Radovljica Chocolate Festival. Five Slovenian chocolatiers registered for the competition, each of which entered two different flavoured chocolates.

As was the case in the year 2020, judging took place at one of the most famous European chocolatiers, whose story is based on fairtrade chocolate, sustainable operation and unique flavour combinations. All ten of the pralines were tasted by the owner and manager of the chocolatier, Josef Zotter, and his right-hand (wo)man in their area of product development, his daughter Julia. They judged each praline on its appearance, originality and technical perfection.


 Pralines entered in the competition:

  • Passionate passion, banana cookie (Bon Bon Chocolate Studio)
  • Olivija praline, Štefanija praline (Lucifer Chocolatier)
  • Picaso praline, gold amaretto (Rajska ptica Chocolatier)
  • Caramel flavoured with zaseka, pistacho praline  (Molinet Chocolatier)
  • Crunchy organic buckwheat praline, vanilla and raspberry (Radolška čokolada chocolatier)

Jozef Zotter praised the technical perfection of all the pralines, while Julia was amazed at the variety of the chocolates, all of which have unique flavour combinations. Their focus while judging was on a perfect combination of flavours, originality and the combination of appearance with taste.


After the first tasting of all the pralines, the two members of the judging panel had an extremely difficult task ahead, since there were numerous quality entries. This also became evident when the scores were added up, since two pralines each won second and third places. The results were as follows:


  1. Crunchy organic buckwheat praline (Radolška čokolada Chocolatier)
  2. Passionate passion (Bon Bon Chocolate Studio) and Olivija praline (Lucifer Chocolatier)
  3. Banana cookie (Bon Bon Chocolate Studio) and caramel flavoured with zaseka (Molinet Chocolatier)



The best pralines will be available on the individual chocolatiers' stalls at the Radovljica Chocolate Festival with a special label, while journalists will be able to taste them at the press conference prior to the festival.


Congratulations to all the chocolatiers!

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