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The Farmer's Table

This year's Month of Local Cuisine in Radol'ca will open with a new, boutique culinary experience named The Farmer's Table, at which the best of Radolca's chefs will pamper our tastebuds. 

This autumn, on the 10th anniversary of Taste Radol'ca, the time has come for a new, boutique culinary adventure. The Farmer's Table connects local farmers and restaurateurs, while visitors to individual farms can see for themselves that in the Radol'ca area, the journey from field to table really is short. We were among the first who set off by horse and cart on a journey from a farm to an unforgettable lunch.


The culinary experience, which is unique far and wide, begins with a really special journey. With sustainability and the past in mind, we climb onto an old cart, which leads us to the first stop: The Brinšek Ecological Farm.

By horse and cart for an unforgettable lunch


The farm, which is subject to organic controls and is included in the Demeter Slovenia Biodynamic Federation, is run by husband and wife Branko and Monika Brinšek. Monika is a qualified geodetic engineer and president of the Ajda Gorenjska Society for Biological and Biodynamic Management, while Branko is a doctor, i.e. a psychiatrist. The couple have been working on the farm, which was previously managed by Branko's parents, for almost two years.


The Brinšek Ecological Farm extends over five hectares and is oriented in olericulture, i.e. the science of growing vegetables. In addition, it has a number of cows, bulls and ducklings. There is also a smally dairy next to the barn, which Branko ensures has no shortage of innovations. In the dairy, the couple make dairy products for their own use, such as butter, curd cheese, cheese, yoghurt and mascarpone.


Our farm, which is one of five in the village of Vrbnje, is self-sufficient. This means that we only buy certain foods in shops, i.e. salt, sugar, oil and wine,” explains Monika Brinšek. A smiling Branko, meanwhile, adds that they also buy the odd can of beer in the shops, since their project to cultivate their own hops hasn't yet reached the stage at which it enables production.


 The vegetables that the Brinšek's produce in their allotment beside the house are then sorted into baskets for customers who order them, then come to collect the vegetables that await them in colourful baskets in a special area of the farm. The Brinšek Ecological Farm also occasionally has a stall at the Radol'ca Market, which takes place in the old town centre of Radovljica on the first Saturday of every month from 10am to 12noon.


Radol'ca Market, every first Saturday in the month


“Because we have an empty house on the farm, we are looking for a tenant who could pay part of the rent by working on the farm,” explains Branko, speaking about how all and any help comes in handy on such a farm.


While walking through their biodynamic garden, Monika and Branko Brinšek explain some additional interesting features of the farm, at which in early autumn there are still plenty of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, courgettes, various types of chard, beetroot, broccoli and numerous herbs. The couple are also happy to offer those who are interested a tip or two on home gardening.


A walk through the farm


After sampling the delights from their farm, we jump back onto the cart and, accompanied by an accordion, enjoy a stylish journey to the next stop: the garden of the Vegerila Farm. The manager of the farm, Tilen Praprotnik, is awaiting us, together with the chefs who are part of Taste Radol'ca. Tilen explains some basic information about the farm while the chefs are busy putting the finishing touches to lunch, which they serve just a few metres from the Vegerila garden.


The best of Radol'ca chefs, united as part of Taste Radol'ca, will prepare a unique lunch made using local ingredients.


The unique lunch is a harmony of local ingredients, which shine in all their beauty on the plates, while the chefs are delighted to explain how they draw their culinary inspiration from the fresh ingredients that are lovingly produced on farms in Radovjlica and the surroundings.


To sum up: The Farmer's Table really is unique and at the same time an unforgettable lunch, which combines into a coherent whole the efforts of farmers with restaurateurs' respect for ingredients that are carefully produced on home soil.


Would you like to sit at The Farmer's Table? You can experience it for yourself this Saturday 7th October at 12noon at the opening event of Culinary Autumn in Radol'ca. We invite you to join us.




At the Farmer's Table

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