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Radol'ca Food & Bike Tour

15.09.2023 10:00

Join on a free guided cycling tour and taste the delights of the Radovljica countryside.

Discover the idyllic Radovljica countryside by bike, accompanied by an experienced guide, and enjoy the tastes of fresh, local food. The Radol'ca Food & Bike Tour is a cycle touring trip with a seasonal culinary note.


Your guide will lead you through the picturesque Radovljica countryside. Along the way you will visit various farms, where you will have the chance to try and buy their home-grown produce. The route depends on the season, availability of the farms and the current choice of fresh produce.


Length of the tour: 28km

Duration: 2hr 15m

Altitude difference: 231m

Difficulty: Easy circular bike tour

*Upon request, the length and difficult of the tour can be adapted for individual groups.

Required equipment: own bike, helmet, lock







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01.10.2023 00:00
Taste Radol'ca

Local ingredients, the finest preparation and an unforgettable experience. Visit Radol'ca this October, where you can visit open days at local farms and take part in a guided culinary experience, while in November the best of Radol'ca's restaurants invite you to enjoy selected menus made using local ingredients.

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Cycle signpost in Radovljica
Choose your cycle route

Use the network of cycle signposts, maps and planners to plan your cycle tour through Radovljica and Bled.

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