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Cycle signpost in Radovljica

Network of Cycling Paths

Use the network of cycle signposts, maps and planners to plan your cycle tour through Radovljica and Bled.

Why the Radovljica area is a great place to cycle?


A comprehensive network of cycle signposts

Signposts are located at junctions of cycle routes. Every signpost has one or more signs with information about direction, distance and the difficulty level of the route in that direction. In addition the number of the next signpost in the relevant direction is shown.


The signposts are designed to direct cyclists to use side roads where cycling is more enjoyable and the views are even better.


Maps of the network of cycle intersections

Maps can be obtained in the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre. The map of Radovljica and Bled shows suggested cycle routes and the locations of the cycle signposts. There are also maps at some major cycle intersections.


Plan your route and enter it onto your route planner

The network of cycle signposts was introduced based on that in the Netherlands. Its advantages are that each cyclist can plan their own route, including the final destination, how to get there, and where to stop en-route.


To help plan your route, before setting off use a simple route planner, available at the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre, where you can write down the numbers of the signposts, which correspond with those on the cycle map, then simply set off and follow the numbers.



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