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An autumn trip to Radol'ca

16.10.2019 22:34

Written by Kaja Beton, October 2019


Autumn is a wonderful time to explore Slovenia, whether for outdoor activities or learning about cultural heritage, and not forgetting a visit to great restaurants. Below you can read our latest suggestions for an autumn trip in the surroundings of Radovljica.

1. Head into the forest for autumn colours

What is the most beautiful feature of the forest during autumn? Is it the colourful treetops or the sounds of leaves rustling beneath your feet? Is it chestnuts or the joy of picking mushrooms? Whatever the reason, if you are searching for great forest paths, then you can find quite a number of them in Radol'ca. Among them we suggest the Lamberg Trail in Begunje. The trail leads through the forest from the Krpin recreation centre to Kamen Castle, while you can also follow it further through the Draga valley to the Gostišče Draga restaurant.

Grad Kamen jeseni

Foto: Jošt Gantar


2. Head to the hills for views

In autumn there is still time before the first snowfall to conquer some of Slovenia's hills and mountains. Mount Begunščica lures hikers to its peak, while there are numerous shorter trails that also afford wonderful views. You may already be familiar with St. Peter's Trail that leads to the church above Begunje, and from Kropa you can hike up to the Church of St. Primus and Felician on Jamnik. The trail leads through a wonderful forest and on reaching the end you are rewarded with stunning views of the well-known church and far-reaching views of the whole of Gorenjska.

Jamnik, foto: Anton Calpagiu, Shutterstock

Photo: Anton Calpagiu, Shutterstock



The old town of Radovljica is a pleasant place to spend quality time regardless of the weather. On a beautiful autumn day you can sit on the terrace of one of the cafes, while the autumn rain is the perfect time to visit one of Radovljica's museums. There is a really diverse choice; the Museum of Apiculture, the Municipal Museum, the Pharmacy and Alchemy Museum, the Lectar Workshop and Museum, and the Šivec House Gallery. At the latter there is a photography exhibition by Wilhelm Heiliger on view until 10th November. Families have until 4th November to try out the special 'Follow a Bee Through Radovljica' adventure.

Staro mestno jedro Radovljice

Photo: Miran Kambič



The excellent cuisine alone is a reason to visit Radol'ca, and the great food available in our restaurants and inns will hit the spot even more after one of the above-mentioned activities! From 26th October to 30th November, the restaurants and inns that are part of Taste Radol'ca will be offering special menus as part of the 'Month of Local Cuisine'. There are nine participating restaurants and inns in Radovljica, Lesce, Begunje, Mošnje and, for the first time, Podbrezje. Each offers a menu consisting of at least 3 courses, created exclusively using locally sourced and grown ingredients, for a set price of €19 per person.


The theme of the menus this year is the forest, therefore we asked the Taste Radol'ca chefs what the forest means to them. Their responses can be found below:

Maja Buden, Gostilna Kunstelj: "In the forest I inhale fresh air full of forest aromas and fresh energy."
Mojca Ažman, Gostišče Tulipan: "In the forest I find peace and energy and it helps me to keep fit. I particularly enjoy spotting mountain pasture flowers"
Darijan Trope, Gostilna Avguštin: "I head into the forest to switch-off from the world"
Uroš Štefelin, Vila Podvin: "In the forest I find peace and enjoy the green environment."
Jože Andrejaš, Gostilna Lectar: "In the forest I find ideas for new dishes."
Mitja Krnc, Gostilna Pr'Tavčar: "The forest is a place to relax."
Aleš Tavčar, Gostišče Draga: "I go into the forest for mushrooms, for freedom, nature, peace and the rustling leaves."
Martin Gluščič, Restavracija Center: "I head into the forest to escape from the fast and stressful pace of everyday life. I recharge myself with energy, calm my thoughts and regain touch with my inner self."
Mateja Markič, Restavracija Tabor: "I find inner peace in the forest."

Okusi Radol'ce 2019

Photo: Boris Pretnar


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