Linhart Square in Radovljica

The heart and soul of Radovljica is Linhart Square which inspires with the variety and authenticity of its preserved architecture.

Linhart Square is situated on a promontory above the Sava river and is akin to an open-air museum. There are preserved houses from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. At the viewpoint at the end of the square there are wonderful views of the Sava river valley and the Julian Alps.


The old town centre of Radovljica is enriched by numerous museums, galleries and restaurants, and hosts a variety of events throughout the year.


During a stroll through Linhart Square you can visit:

  • The Lectar Honeybread Workshop and Museum
  • Radovljica Manor
  • The Šivec House Gallery
  • The Museum of Apiculture and Municipal Museum
  • The medieval defence trench
  • The viewpoint at the end of the square
  • The square in front of the church with an exhibition about the town's development
  • St. Peter's church and the surrounding walls
  • The rectory
  • Magušar's House


The town began to develop on a promontory above the Sava river in the 13th century, and in the 16th century it reached the peak of its development. In the transition from the 15th to the 16th century, a wall was built around the old town of Radovljica, and today the town's preserved moat – a former defence ditch, now partly a tunnel - is the only one of its kind in Slovenia.


The magnificent Radovljica Manor is home to the Museum of Apiculture, the Municipal Museum, and it is also the venue for the annual Radovljica Festival. Next to the manor, hidden away in the cellar of the Gostilna Lectar restaurant, is the Lectar Gingerbread Workshop and Museum, whilst opposite is the Šivec House Gallery. Also of interest in the old town is Magušar's House with its pottery workshop, mini-shop and exhibition of traditional pottery.


Linhart Square is named after Anton Tomaž Linhart, who was born in one of the houses in the square. In the square there is a monument and fountain in memory of Josipina Hočevar and a monument to Cene Avguštin. The square is separated from the administrative part of the town by the former Baroque park with its contemporary iron lamps.



Every Tuesday morning Radovljica's Tourist Information Centre invites you to join a guided tour of the old town centre.





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Guided tours of the old town centre
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The entrance to St. Peter's Church
A Gothic church in the charming town square

An exceptional example of the gothic three-nave churches. It is adorned by beautifully designed vaults, an angel star and a black marble altar.

Statue of Cene Avguštin
Art historian from Radovljica

In front of Radovljica's church stands a bronze statue of Cene Avguštin. Behind the statue is an exhibition, based on his work, that details the development of the town.

Radovljica Manor
The 'King' of Linhart Square

The architectural style of the manor in Radovljica old town is 18th century in character, whilst its interior is home to museums, music and events.

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Coming Soon


09.02.2019 00:00
Begunje na Gorenjskem

The 13th accordion competition will take place at the home of Slovenian national folk music.

11.03.2019 17:00
Kropa and Kamna Gorica

Experience one of Radol'ca's most magical rites.

12.04.2019 00:00
Radovljica, April

The biggest chocolate event and the most attractive culinary show in Slovenia.


News & Blog


The covered ice rink in Radovljica
Free skating for children

From the beginning of December to the end of February, Radovljica's sports park features a covered ice rink.

22.02.2018 13:43
Adele's choise of top winter hikes around Radovljica

Written by Adele Gray, january 2018


Though, in truth, I will never be a lover of winter and snow, since moving to Slovenia in 2007 I have learnt that in winter in the area where I live – Radovljica, in the northwest i.e. the alpine area - snow is a fact of life and, to some extent, have learnt to embrace it!


The story of world famous skis

A visit to the Elan Alpine Skiing Museum is an experience for the whole family. In addition to an insight into the development of Elan skis, it also offers interactive exhibits.

16.01.2019 14:21
Sledding at sunset on
5 outdoor winter activities for the whole family around Radovljica

written by Rebecca Svetina, January 2019


I quite enjoy the start of the new year in my (now) hometown of Radovljica. The hype of the holidays has faded and we can enjoy the frost-kissed landscape and snow capped mountains, which makes the fairytale town of Radovljica even more idyllic.

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