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A walk among the cultural attractions of Radovljica

A walk through Radovljica which, in addition to Linhart Square, includes many other attractions and acquaints visitors with some of Radovljica's famous residents from the past. Online map is available to assist with orientation.

Begin your discovery of Radovljica with a visit to Vurnik Square where you can see a special ceramic replica model of the town, which was made by the local ceramist Urban Magušar and shows the old town area between the 16th and 19th centuries.


The walk continues along the Gorenjska cesta road, where you can see Art Nouveau and other historic villas. The Šmajd (Šmajdova) and Šarec (Šarčeva) villas are reminiscent of the work of the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik, since they were designed by his pupil Danilo Fürst just a few years after he graduated. 

Čebelica (Little Bee) in Radovljica

The prominent Čebelica (Little Bee) building, named after the decorative bees above the entrance, is also located on Gorenjska cesta, while on the opposite side of the crossroads is the former savings bank, which dates from the start of the 20th century. The route then leads to a small park that features a monument of the Radovljica-born playwright and historian Anton Tomaž Linhart as well as unique wrought iron streetlamps. The streetlamps, which you can see more of in some carparks and along the tree-lined avenue in the former castle park, are the work of acclaimed designers and master blacksmiths from Kropa. By continuing to walk along Gorenjska cesta you will pass the Resman (Resmanova) villa with its wonderful garden and then reach the entrance to Linhart Square.


Linhart Square offers an insight into typical bourgeios architecture from the 16th to the 19th century. Walk past the birthhouse of Anton Tomaž Linhart; its appearance dates from the 19th century. Some of the neighbouring houses, which are adorned with interesting decorative features, also date from the same period. The square widens at the town fountain, where there is a monument of Josipina Hočevar. On the right-hand side of the square there is a row of former craft houses featuring preserved 16th and 17th century architecture. The most interesting among them is Šivec Houseivčeva hisa), which today houses, among others, a gallery. If time allows, and if it is open, enter the gallery where you can see its current art exhibition.

Houses on Linhart Square, Radovljica

At the end of the row of houses turn right towards the viewpoint, where you can take in the wonderful views of the Sava river valley and the peaks of the Julian Alps. From the viewpoint take the road that leads in an easterly direction slightly downhill over the railway line towards the cemetery (pokopališče). On reaching the old cemetery, alongside the cemetery walls you will see two vaulted tombstones, which were built according to the plans of the Radovljica-born architect Ivan Vurnik, in which he, together with his wife and son, is buried.

Square in front of the church


From the cemetery return towards the viewpoint, but just before reaching the viewpoint turn right up a few steps between houses. After a few metres you reach the picturesque square in front of St. Peter's church, where there is an exhibition dedicated to the urban development of Radovljica as well as a statue of the art historian Cene Avguštin.

Radovljica Manor Interior

After looking at the buildings surrounding the church square, carry on to the adjoining Radovljica Manor. On the first floor of the manor you can visit the Museum of Apiculture, which was renovated in 2021, as well as the Municipal Museum; the latter features an exhibition about the life and work of Anton Tomaž Linhart.


After leaving the manor turn right at Gostilna Lectar and continue along Trubarjeva ulica street, which leads to the former Baroque park. Stroll beneath the ancient linden trees, past the National Liberation Front gravestones towards Grajski dvor, the former castle manor, which is another of the works of Ivan Vurnik. Thereafter turn back in the direction you came from but this time walk through the beech tree-lined avenue lined with unique wrought iron streetlamps back towards Linhart Square. In front of you at the end of the avenue stands Vila Savnik, another building designed by Ivan Vurnik, and the mini-roundabout at the entrance to the old town.

Mini-roundabout at the entrance to the old town of Radovljica

This time cross the mini-roundabout then take the road that leads downwards on the other side to reach the medieval town defence moat. This is the only preserved defence moat of its kind in Slovenia. Walk through the moat then on reaching the other side turn left towards a house that has a statue on the corner of Mary with Jesus. This is the birthhouse of the architect Ivan Vurnik. Pass the house and continue along a dirt track, which leads beneath the walls of the Radovljica park and back towards the start.

birthhouse of the architect Ivan Vurnik in Radovljica


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