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The Monument to Anton Tomaž Linhart in Radovljica

The Monument to Anton Tomaž Linhart

The memorial to the first Slovenian playwright, Anton Tomaž Linhart, is the work of a local sculptor.

Anton Tomaž Linhart was born in Radovljica on 11 December 1756. The date of his birth is a municipal holiday, and numerous institutions in Radovljica are named after him. The main monument stands in a small park next to Gorenjska cesta in Radovljica. 


The monument is shaped like a stage and a book in which the famous image of Linhart is carved.


The bronze monument is the work of the local academic sculptor Stane Kolman from Begunje na Gorenjskem and the architect Marko Smrekar from Lesce. The park next to the monument is decorated by unique wrought iron lamps.


Anton Tomaž Linhart

Anton Tomaž Linhart was born in Radovljica and in his childhood lived in one of the houses in the town (now Linhart Square 7). His exciting life led him at an early age to Ljubljana and from there for a short time to Vienna, which at that time, during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa, was a flourishing cosmopolitan city. In this worldy city he became acquainted with theatre, literature and music, and became confident and ambitious.

Upon his return to Ljubljana he moved in intellectual circles and clearly expressed his Enlightenment views. He died on 14th July 1795 at the age of 39.


Linhart's most important works include the Versuch einer Geschichte von Krain und den übrigen Ländern der Südlichen Slaven Österreichs (An Attempt at a History of Carniola and the Other South Slavic Lands of Austria), which was published in 1788 and 1791 and is considered to represent the beginning of Slovene national historiography, as well as the staging of his play Županova Micka (Mary, the Mayor's Daughter) on 28 December 1789, which is regarded as the birth of Slovene theatre.


There is a permanent exhibition in Radovljica's Municipal Museum where you can find out more about the life and works of Anton Tomaž Linhart.

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