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The Municipal Museum, Radovljica

The Municipal Museum

Find out why the 18th century was a breakthrough year for the development of Slovenianism and Slovenian theatre.

The 18th century was a time of great change in Europe. One of the central characters in the then Carniola was Anton Tomaž Linhart from Radovljica, the father of Slovenian theatre and scientific historiography.


Anton Tomaž Linhart (1756–1795): “Now I am thinking about how I can become known.”

The permanent exhibition in the Municipal Museum provides a great deal of information from which visitors can find out about the exiciting times of enlightenment and the rebellious spirit of Anton Tomaž Linhart. The historiographer, official and first Slovenian playwright was born in Radovljica in the period when it was part of the Hapsbury monarchy.


Anton Tomaž Linhart is credited with the founding of primary schools in the then Carniola. By staging his own dramatic work, the comedy Županova Micka (Micka, the Mayor's Daughter), he was responsible for the birth of Slovenian theatre. In 1788 he published the first part of his extensive histiographical work Poskus zgodovine Kranjske in drugih dežel južnih Slovanov Avstrije (A Work on the History of Carniola and Other Lands of the Southern Slavs of Austria), which is regarded as the beginnings of Slovenian scientific histiography.


The exhibition is in Slovene and English. Guided tours for groups are available upon prior arrangement in Slovene, German and English.


Radovljica Municipality Museum, Linhartov trg 1, Radovljica 
T: +386 (0)4 532 05 20


January, Ferbruary Tuesday-Friday 8am -3pm  
March and April, November and December Tuesday-Sunday 10am -4pm  
May-October Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm  


  • Children: 2 €
  • Adults: 3 €
  • Family ticket: 7 €
  • Retirees, students: 2,5 €

Museum of Apiculture + The Municipal Museum:

  • Children: 6 €
  • Adults: 10 €
  • Family ticket: 18 €
  • Retirees, students: 8 €


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