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The fountain built in memory of Josipina Hočevar

Josipina's Fountain

Quench your thirst at the fountain dedicated to the benefactress Josipina Hočevar.


The fountain was made in Ivan Vurnik's stonemasonry workshop in Radovljica. At the top of the foutain there is a statue of a schoolboy who is leaning on a medallion with an image of Josipina Hočevar, whilst holding a school book in his other hand. The statue was designed by the local sculptor Jožef Pavlin. The monument to Josipina Hočevar is one of the rare monuments that is dedicated to a woman in thanks for her good work.



Josipina Hočevar (1824-1911) was born in Radovljica in a house above the former town trench. She spent the majority of her childhood with her grandparents in Kranj, where she met Martin Hočevar who soon asked her for her hand in marriage.


The newlyweds moved to Krško in the south of Slovenia where they opened a restaurant and later also a post office. They were very enterprising. They didn't have any children. Perhaps that is why they donated a lot of money to charitable causes for children and teachers. Josipina, together with her sister Dralka, donated a house for teachers, as well as a fund to support, and presents for, Radovjlica's pupils, as a result of which she became an honorary citizen of Radovljica. Following her husband's death in 1883 she became a rich heiress. She donated a lot to the town of Krško, and in Ljubljana she founded the Josephinum Institute for Servants.


In 1906 she donated funds for the building of Radovljica's waterworks. In gratitude, two years later the town's citizens erected a monument in the form of a fountain.

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