Exhibition in Šivec House

Šivec House

The Šivec House gallery is the ideal place for all art lovers. In addition to hosting art exhibitions, the house itself is of interest due to its rich interior and exterior architectural features.

Šivec House in Linhart Square in Radovljica

Step through the arched wooden door and learn about Slovenian fine arts. Art is at home beneath the vaulted arches of this gothic bourgeois house. On the ground floor there are exhibitions of Slovenian and foreign fine arts. The permanent exhibitions of original illustrations show the work of well-known Slovenian illustrators.


Šivec House is one of the best examples of late gothic bourgeois architecture in Slovenia. Due to the preserved layout of the house and the rich decoration on its facade it is considered the best preserved 16th century townhouse in Slovenia.



The gallery is housed in two areas on the ground floor. There are approximately 10 exhibitions per year where various Slovenian artists exhibit individual and group exhibitions. Every year Šivec House also hosts an exhibition of works by participants of the International Art Symposium, Slovenija odprta za umetnost (Slovenia Open to Art) in Sinji vrh.



In addition to the gallery and collection of illustrations, Šivec House is also worth a visit due to its unique preserved interior and exterior architectural features. The facade of the house is adorned by a 17th century fresco portraying the creation of Eve, and further adorned by a double overhang, rusticated edges and frames, as well as window and door embellishments. The interior layout is typical of bourgeois houses from the 16th and 17th centuries.


On the ground floor of the former shop and craft workshop there is a wonderfully preserved gothic vaulted ceiling. Upstairs there are three areas: a representative living room, kitchen and granary. The central living area is surrounded by original wood panelling, while the hall is decorated by portals and a stone banister.



The permanent exhibition has a rich collection of children's and youth's illustrations. It features the work of 27 illustrators with works presented from well-known, mainly Slovenian, children's and youth's literature.


The oldest illustrations in the collection are those by Maksim Sedej from 1947, created for the book by Maxim Gorky 'My Childhood'.


Šivec House (Radovljica Municipality Museums)

Linhartov trg 22, Radovljica
T: +386 (0)4 532 05 20
E: galerija@mro.si



When hosting exhibitions, Šivec House is open every day except Mondays:

November, April Tuesday - Friday 10am -12noon, 4pm-6pm  
May - June, September- October Tuesday - Sunday 10am-1pm, 4pm-7pm  
July - August Tuesday - Sunday 10am-1pm, 5pm-8pm  


  • The gallery on the ground floor of Šivec House can be visited free of charge.
  • Tour of the house, Children: 2 €
  • Tour of the house, Adults: 3 €
  • Tour of the house, Family ticket: 7 €

Okusi piva Radovljica, 1. junij 2019



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Follow a 'bee' through Radovljica
05.05.2019 12:31
16.04.2019 08:55
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