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A family outing: By train to Radovljica!

With its range of attractions and the accessibility of its theme trails, Radovljica has become a popular family destination. If you arrive here by train, your children will enjoy the adventure even more!

There are numerous reasons why Radovljica is an excellent destination for those who like travelling by train, including families. Whether it's a trip with parents or grandparents, travelling by train is less stressful and more environmentally friendly. We have put together seven reasons and ideas for trips in the area, which will help convince you why you should choose Radovljica as the destination for your next family trip or even vacation.



The picturesque old town centre of Radovljica is just a few minutes walk from the railway station

The first reason why you should visit Radovljica by train is undoubtedly due to the location of the railway station. As part of the renovation of the railway line, Radovljica's railway station was recently entirely renovated and has become much more user-friendly for all generations. The short, uphill walk (or cycle) from the railway station to picturesque Linhart Square only takes a few minutes. The location of the railway station is such that it only takes around 10 minutes to get out into nature and walk to the start of the nearest theme path.



'Follow a Bee Through Radovljlica' family adventure

With its preserved buildings, museums and boutique shops, the picturesque old town centre of Radovljica is just a few minutes walk from the railway station. Linhart Square and its surroundings offers something for all the family. We suggest that you first pay a visit to the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre, where you can pick up copies of maps and all the necessary information (show your train ticket to get a free copy of the map of theme trails).


You can also purchase a booklet for the fun 'Follow a Bee Through Radovljlica' family adventure (highly recommended for pre-school children and those in the early years of primary school). Children will also enjoy a visit to the Museum of Pharmacy and Alchemy in the old town, where, after completing a number of tasks, they will receive a 'Diploma in Magic and Alchemy', while at the Museum of Apiculture you can see the brand new exhibition featuring interactive points. The Walk Through the Town's Attractions is also suitable for baby carriages and foot scooters.



A meal at one of the Taste Radol'ca restaurants

No visit to Radovlijca is complete without making at least one stop to try some local food, whether a sweet treat or an entire meal. Treat yourself to something sweet in one of the cafes in the medieval square or its surroundings. We've also been let into a secret that in October the doors to a really special new chocolate shop will be opening in Radovljica.


Take time for lunch or dinner in one of Radovljica's good restaurants. A meal at one of the Taste Radol'ca restaurants or one of the other restaurants in town will particularly hit the spot after time spent exploring the town or pursuing other outdoor activities.



View from Lipnica Castle in autumn, Lipnica Castle Natural Science Trail

The view from the train before arriving in Radovljica will be enough to already convince you to head into the countryside. Therefore, make the most of a beautiful day and set off into the nearby forests, fields and meadows, or head up to one of the nearby vantage points. We've written some ideas for family hiking in Radol'ca in one of the previous blogs. Below are two trails that are particularly popular among families:



Set off from the Radovljica or Lesce railway station on a circular family cycle route

Families who enjoy cycling, can set off from the Radovljica or Lesce railway station on a circular family cycle route, on which there are plenty of opportunities for other child-friendly activities along the way, which we wrote about in one of our previous blogs.


You can also cycle from Radovljica to Bled along the cycle track along the main road. Older children will enjoy the challenge of the Along the Sava river to Bled circular cycle route.


If you plan to put your bike on a train to Radovljica, be sure to look out for the special bike icon on the train timetable, which denotes the trains that have a special carriage for bikes.



•	From Podnart or Otoče to the Stovc viewpoint and along the edge of Dobrava

Of course, the Radovljica railway station isn't the only option when you travel to the Radol'ca area by train. There are also other stations (Podnart, Otoče, Globoko), as well as the international Lesce-Bled station. Therefore, we have listed below some additional suggestions and ideas for excellent outdoor family activities whereby the train is the main form of transport:


  • From Podnart or Otoče to the Stovc viewpoint and along the edge of Dobrava
  • From Lesce to Bled or to the Šobec camp – on foot or by bike
  • From the Lesce railway station to the Lesce Sports Airfield to go plane spotting – on foot or by bike
  • From Lesce or Radovljica on foot to Talež




ZWell, why not? Set off with your children on a holiday by train and relive the times when you, perhaps as a student, travelled around Europe with just a rucksack on your back. The wide choice of accommodation in close proximity to the railway stations in both Radovljica and Lesce means that you won't have any problems reaching your chosen accommodation on foot, and your children will experience an entirely new travel experience.

Thus, a simple trip through Slovenia will transform into a real travellers' adventure!


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