The Lipnica Castle Trail

A fascinating circular trail from Radovljica over the Sava river to the ruins of Lipnica Castle.

lipnica Castle above Lipnica valley
The Fux footbridge (Fuxova brv)
View of Lipnica valley from Lipnica Castle
The Lipnica Castle Trail

A trail along paths which for centuries linked the estates of Radovljica's gentry along the Sava river. It acquaints inquisitive visitors with the cultural and natural heritage of the Lipnica valley. The path ends at the ruins of Lipnica Castle from where there are superb views of the surrounding uplands and the Julian Alps.


The trail, which brings walkers closer to nature, can be combined with a visit to the picturesque iron forging village of Kamna Gorica or the Sava River Trail.


Start point: Radovljica (Linhart Square or the the car park at the seperation depot; 46.3337N, 14.1815E)
Length: 5km 
Estimated time: 2.5 hours
Difficult level: easy walking trail
Signs: signposts and information boards
Custodian of the path: The Slovenian Forestry Institute, Bled Area Unit T: (04) 531 5861
Guided tours: The Slovenian Forestry Institute, Bled Area Unit, T: (04) 531 5861



  • From the end of Linhart Square in Radovljica continue towards the cemetery. Before the bridge over the railway line turn left on a path with steps down past houses and into the forest and the green valley.
  • On reaching a road turn left through an underpass to a parking area where there is the first information board and a map of the trail. From here follow the trail waymarkers.
  • Should you wish to continue to Kamna Gorica, on reaching the sign marked 'galerije' continue straight ahead towards the village.


Before you set off on your way, pick up a copy of the map of themed hiking trails in Radovljica and the surroundings, available at the Radovljica and Begunje Tourist Information Centres.


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Take a photo of the forest and win a free Taste Radol'ca meal!

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Take a photo of the forest and win a free Taste Radol'ca meal!
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