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Family Cycling Day in Radovljica

This family cycle route is the ideal way to spend an active, family day in Radovljica! In addition to cycling, along the way you can stop at the unique children's playground in Krpin, try your hand at a round of mini golf, and enjoy some of the area's excellent cuisine.

This year, the Radovjlica Tourist Board has put together suggestions for 8 circular cycling tours. The shortest and simplest among them, which is around 15km long, is ideal for families with children who are getting used to cycling in traffic and on macadam roads.


In addition to pleasant cycling, the suggested Radovljica Family Ride cycle route offers some excellent opportunities to stay and visit attractions and/or other family activities. With interesting stops and activities along the way, the route, which could take some children around 2 hours to cycle, can fill an entire day in Radovljica.


We have added two additional sections to the route, as described below, which lead to attractions that children in particular will enthuse over – the Lesce Sports Airfield, and the Krpin children's playground.


Letališče Lesce

Of course, before setting off be sure to download a GPS of the route and study it. The cycle tour begins in the old town centre of Radovljica. For those arriving in Radovljica by car, we suggest that you park in the street Kajuhova ulica, where parking is not time restricted.


From Radovljica Old Town, the attractions of which you can see prior to or after cycling, set off through the Radovljica park towards the Kranjska cesta road, leaving the town and heading towards the village of Vrbnje. Cycle past a meadow to the Dolenc Farm, then onwards to the village, where you first come across an area of more modern houses before reaching the old part of the village.


Alongside the last farm, where the track turns towards the forest, you can see some interesting, simple wooden sculptures. Cycle along the pleasant forest track to the next village, then cross the main road and immediately turn onto the macadam cycle route through the Radovljica countryside. The scenic path leads past meadows and fields, and parachutists, gliders and other small aircraft can often be seen in the sky.

Kolesarjenje med pašniki in polji pri Begunjah


From the crossroads at the field where the Family Cycle Ride leads right towards Begunje na Gorenjskem, you can continue straight ahead and after cca. 1km of cycling on a country track you reach the Lesce-Bled Sports Airfield. There, children can enjoy the play area and watch aircraft, while adults can take a break for a coffee.


From the airfield return to the crossroads and continue cycling towards Begunje na Gorenjskem. Just cross the main road and continue on the macadam road towards Žirovnica before soon turning right along a cart track that leads to the village of Poljče.

Družinski kolesarski krog po podeželju

From Poljče cycle along the local road to the centre of Begunje na Gorenjskem. The Radovljica Family Ride soon after actually leaves Begunje, but we suggest that you extend your trip to the the Krpin Valley. Turn left in the village of Begunje na Gorenjskem and cycle along the main road through the village past St. Urh's church. On reaching a fork in the road, take the road to the left and follow it to reach a large macadam car park in Krpin.


Cross the car park and you will find a really special, newly renovated children's playground at the bottom of the former ski piste, which contains play equipment that was made at the Elan factory in the village of Begunje and which was once found throughout Slovenia. By the way, why not pay a visit to the Elan Alpine Ski Museum, which is also in the same village of Begunje na Gorenjskem. 

Elanovo otroško igrišče v Krpinu


If your kids are bursting with energy, you could also follow the trail uphill to the Krpin trim trail. The trail leads through the forest at the edge of the former ski piste to the shed that stands in the centre. There is also a small section of the trim trail at the upper station of the former drag lift, while if you continue even further uphill, you will reach St. Peter's church from where there are stunning views of the Radovljica countryside.


On returning to your bikes, continue the Family Cycle Ride by descending back to Begunje. If your stomachs are grumbling by now, why not stop off at one of the village inns or restaurants, then continue your cycle tour by following the GPX route (this part of the route follows the signs for the Juliana Long-Distance Hiking Trail). You will cycle along country lanes past the Drnča Mansion and Hotel Lambergh through pristine villages along the edge of the Radovljica Plains to Zgornji Otok.


Once there, cross the main road and continue along the cart track through fields towards the forest. On reaching the forest turn left and cycle slightly uphill towards the hamlet of Gorica. The Juliana Long-Distance Hiking Trail turns right in the hamlet, but you should continue straight ahead. Another family experience awaits you in the village itself. Children will undoubtedly enjoy a game of mini golf at Adventure Minigolf Panorama, where they can also try their hand at panning for gold.

Minigolf v vasi Gorica

Once you have had your fill of mini golf, continue your journey to the main road. Carefully cross the road and cycle on the cycle track alongside the main road downhill towards Radovljica and back towards Linhart Square.


At the end of your trip you can treat yourself to a well deserved cake or other sweet treat in Radovljica. Although we are convinced that you will have already seen and experienced plenty in just one day, there are also two other family experiences in Radovljica – Follow a 'Bee' Through Radovljica, and the interactive experience in the Pharmacy and Alchemy Museum.

See you in Radovljica!

Družinsko kolesarsko popoldne v Radovljici

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