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Lesce Sports Airfield

Take a panoramic flight from Lesce sports airfield and enjoy a bird's eye view of Triglav National Park.

What does Lesce Sports Airfield offer?

Gliding and motor aviation

Lesce Sports Airfield (ALC) offers unlimited possibilities for flyers of sports aircraft. The exceptional conditions for gliding are attributed to the location of the airfield as the best place in Slovenia from where to make long and quality glider flights.


Panoramic Flights Above the Julian Alps

During a panoramic flight from Lesce Sports Airfield you can really enjoy all the beauties of Gorenjska and the Julian Alps from the air. Radovljica, Bled, Triglav National Park, the Karavanke mountains and even Kranjska Gora and Soča Valley can be reached on various lengths of flight. You can also stop off at one of the nearby sports airfields along the way.



ALC Lesce
Begunjska 10, 4248 Lesce
T: +386 (0)4 53 20 100


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Lesce with the Julian Alps in the background
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