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Stol, the highest peak in the Karavanke

The Radovljica Plains

Frequently bathed in sunshine, it is wonderful when the meadows and orchards are in bloom, where, for centuries, Carniolan bees have been buzzing.

Together with Bled Corner, this area creates one of the most beautiful and picturesque environments. The plains extend among the chain of high mountains to the north and the Sava river valley to the south. The Ljubljana Basin widens here and creates a green landscape, which, from every vantage point, offers views of Slovenia's highest mountain, Triglav, in the embrace of the Julian Alps on one side, and, on the other, the mighty Stol, the highest mountain in the Karavanke range. Take a bike ride or a stroll on the paths among meadows between Begunje, Radovljica and Žirovnica.


Leading across green meadows, orchards and woods there are paths and tracks from Zapuže to Vrba, ideal for family cycling and walks.


The picturesque landscape has long been famous for its rich tradition of beekeeping. The great man of Slovenian beekeeping, Anton Janša, was born in a village in the foothills of Mt. Stol. In 2017 his birth date, 20th May, was officially declared as World Bee Day. The Museum of Apiculture is in Radovljica, whilst in Lesce there is a modern beekeeping education centre.


Small hillocks lie scattered on the plains – morainic mounds created by glaciers. In Radovljica there are two such examples of natural monuments – Voljčev hrib and Obla gorica.

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Radovljica on the terraces of the Sava river
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Radovljica is the sweetest Slovenian town, also known as the town with the most sun in Gorenjska.

Kamen Castle
The home of popular folk music

Begunje is the birthplace of Slovenian popular folk music and the inspiration for numerous songs by Slavko Avsenik.

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By bike to Bled and beyond!

Set off on a short cycle ride through the surroundings of Radovljica or a longer cycle tour around Gorenjska.

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