Mini Golf and Gold Mine Panorama

A social experience with a view. Play mini golf with your children then allow them to pan for gold!

Adventure Mini Golf Panorama is situated in close proximity to Radovljica, in the hamlet of Gorica pri Podvinu, on the edge of the forest in the shade of oak trees, with views of the Julian Alps and Bled Castle. In addition to mini golf, children can also pan for gold.



Adventure Mini Golf is the only mini golf course in Slovenia that offers a complete experience. Play takes place on artificial grass with the gentle sounds of a stream, waterfall and fountain.



The small gold mine for children at Adventure Mini Golf is a new acquisition for Slovenia. Children will easily be transformed into gold prospectors and lose track of time. In two wooden troughs in the shade of the oak forest, they can pan for gold among water and sand.

Separate gold from sand, rotate the sieve, weigh the treasure and take pleasure in your children's joy at getting a gold medal.


Following play, you can also enjoy a refreshing cold drink and ice-cream.

Mini golf and the gold mine are open from April to October. Click for more on OPENING HOURS



  • MInigolf adults: 5 €, each additional round played during the same visit: 2 €
  • MInigolf children: 4 €, each additional round played during the same visit: 1,5 €
  • Goldmine: 4 €




T: +386 (0)41 676 039

Take a photo of the forest and win a free Taste Radol'ca meal!



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Take a photo of the forest and win a free Taste Radol'ca meal!
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