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Šmeks Lounge Bar & Baffi House of Pizza

The ŠMEKS bar & Baffi House of Pizza is no ordinary pub. It's a combination of a bar and a pizzeria, known for its excellent Neapolitan pizzas and relaxed atmosphere.

ŠMEKS & Baffi are located in the centre of Radovljica on the main through-road – Gorenjska cesta. Baffi offers delicious Neapolitan pizzas made using sourdough and enriched with fresh and quality ingredients. Its house special pizza ensures that even regular guests have something new to try, since the toppings, which are always seasonal but sometimes out of the ordinary, change every month.


Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the seasonal Baffi grmada dessert, the flavours of which change based on the season.


The ŠMEKS bar serves a range of refreshing drinks, the finest quality house and other craft beers and wines and excellent coffee. The friendly staff are also available to answer any questions or provide advice. This is a place of good vibes and a relaxed atmosphere.


The ŠMEKS bar & the Baffi House of Pizza are combined into one unique place where you can go just for a relaxed chat over a beer or for lunch or dinner.


Opening hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 12:00–23:00
Wednesday: 12:00–23:00
Thursday: 12:00–23:00
Friday: 12:00–24:00
Saturday: 12:00–24:00
Sunday: 12:00–22:00



Šmeks Lounge Bar & Baffi house of pizza
Gorenjska cesta 24, 4240 Radovljica
T: 00386 (0) 597 62914



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