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Camping Šobec

A camp on the banks of the Sava river between Bled and Lesce which offers a wonderful place in nature.

Camping Šobec offers a wide range of facilities. There are camping pitches and bungalows, a restaurant and children's play area, whilst guests can swim in the river or natural lake, and play mini golf, beach volleyball or tennis.


The shade of the pine tree forest, the pleasant sounds of water, and views of the surrounding mountains – it is all this and more that gives Camping Šobec such a unique ambience. The camp has 400 camping pitches spread over a 15 hectare area. The camp also boasts 10 wooden holiday chalets, a contemporary alpine-style building which houses a restaurant, coffee shop, supermarket, and other facilities.


Camping Šobec is 2kms from Bled. There are numerous marked walking paths that lead towards Bled, Radovljica and Lesce.


Camping Šobec is the holder of a disability access certificate.


  • wi-fi
  • restaurant
  • shop
  • organised trips
  • children's play area
  • swimming in the natural lake
  • organised sports activities
  • disabled-friendly
  • events
  • chalets

400 camping pitches
10 wooden holiday chalets


Šobec Camping
Šobčeva cesta 25, Lesce
T: +386 (0)4 535 37 00

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