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Outdoor activities in the surroundings of Radovjlica

Choose an activity and find your place in nature.


Explore the wonderful and varied nature. Hiking trails lead up to hilltops and mountaintops with exceptional views of the Radovljica countryside, the Bled area, the Ljubljana basin, and the peaks of the Karavanke and Julian Alps. You can discover the cultural attractions of Radovljica and its surroundings on one of 11 theme trails as well numerous other hiking trails. One stage of the 16-day Juliana Trail long-distance hiking trail also runs through Radovljica. The fourth stage of the trail leads from Begunje na Gorenjskem through Radovljica and on to Bled. This stage also makes a pleasant day trip from which you can return by public transport.


Cycling is an excellent form of transport for exploring tourist attractions and the wealth of cultural heritage not only in Radovljica but also in its surroundings. The network of country roads and tracks are ideal for various circular cycling tours, which lead to Bled, Vrba, Tržič and further afield. Mountain biking enthusiasts can ride up to the mountain pastures on the Jelovica plateau and in the Karavanke mountains.


Families will enjoy selected family experiences as well as time spent in peaceful corners of nature. Watersports are available on the Sava river and in the surroundings, while numerous equestrian centres offer riding lessons for beginners or riders with some experience.


Fans of archery will be impressed by the parkour archery course in the Draga valley. The course is ideal both for experienced archers and for beginners of all ages, who can try their hand in the company of a guide.




Planinske poti v okolici Radovljice

Conquer the peaks of the Karavanke mountains or the nearby Julian Alps, or set off on an easier trail through the countryside. Along the way you will encounter magnificent views and wealth of cultural heritage.



Kolesarjenje po podeželju

Set off by bike trip along quiet country roads and trails to Bled and other attractions. Head off on longer circular tours through the Gorenjska region or head up to the mountain pastures on the Jelovica plateau.



Rating na reki Savi pri Radovljici

Go rafting on the current of the Sava Dolinka river all the way to the confluence with the Sava Bohinjka river and even further. Take your pick from the ways of discovering the surface of the river and have great fun along the way.



Other Outdoor Activities


Uncover the mistery of the missing ingredient in our special chocolate pralines recipe...You and your group work together to solve puzzles located at various locations in the town of Radovljica. If you are successful, the mystery of the missing ingredient in the recipe will lead you to the chocolate treasure.

Fisherman in the Sava river

Fishing for lovers of wild and unspoilt nature.

Set off on an adventure with a bow and arrow! The parkour archery course, in the Draga valley, is suitable for beginners and experienced archers, and has 30 model forest animals targets.

Experienced riders can enjoy rides in the lush countryside, whilst beginners can take the opportunity to have a go at horse riding for the first time.

The Bled Golf Course is one of the most beautiful golf courses in central Europe. 

An unforgettable adrenaline adventure close to Radovljica. Zipline descents can be made across the Sava river from the rafting centre next to the Fux footbridge.

A teamgame combining action, adventure, team work, fun and socialising in the forest close to the Sava river.

Take a panoramic flight from Lesce sports airfield and enjoy a bird's eye view of Triglav National Park.

In summer you can cool off in swimming pools in Radovljica and Kropa and the natural lake at Camp Šobec.

A social experience with a view. Play mini golf with your children then allow them to pan for gold!

Exploring Karst caves on the Jelovica plateau accompanied by an experienced guide offers an experience full of the hidden wealths of nature.


News & Blog


09.01.2024 15:12

The dates are known of the festivals and other large events that will liven up the year 2024 in Radol’ca. To make sure you don't miss any of them, we suggest that you register for our monthly e-newsletter.

18.10.2023 10:09
A traditional Sunday meal

Sunday is a time for family get-togethers over a delicious Sunday lunch. Read on to find out about a traditional Sunday meal and where it is served in Radovljica and its surroundings.

07.09.2022 14:10
Be aware of your footprint

Below we have put together some simple tips for a sustainable visit to Radovljica.

Local gifts from Radovljica

There is a diverse range of gifts available in Radol'ca. The majority are available in the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre and in the shops in the old town centre, so in this blog, we decided to focus mainly on food-related gifts.

Why not Visiting us in Winter?


Winter in Radovljica

Take a walk in the tranquil countryside or hike to snow-covered mountain pastures.

During winter you can also enjoy numerous outdoors activities. 

  • Off-piste skiing and snowshoeing
  • Hiking and countryside strolls
  • Parkour archery
  • Radovljica skating rink
  • Olympic-size swimming pool
  • Ski pistes in the near surroundings




Radovljica on the terraces of the Sava river
The capital of beekeeping and chocolate

Radovljica is the sweetest Slovenian town, also known as the town with the most sun in Gorenjska.

Kamen Castle
The home of popular folk music

Begunje is the birthplace of Slovenian popular folk music and the inspiration for numerous songs by Slavko Avsenik.

Traditional houses by the Kroparica stream
The cradle of Slovenian iron forging

Slovenia's former iron forging centre is tucked away in the lush Lipnica valley and invites you to explore its preserved cultural heritage.

The old village forge
A 'mini Venice' beneath the Jelovica plateau

A picturesque iron forging village beneath the Jelovica plateau with numerous water troughs and small bridges, which has earnt it the name 'Mini Venice'.

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