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Parkour Archery in the Draga Valley

Set off on an adventure with a bow and arrow! The parkour archery course, in the Draga valley, is suitable for beginners and experienced archers, and has 30 model forest animals targets.

Parkour Archery in the Draga Valley
The parkour archery course is open year-round

The parkour archery course in the Draga valley is suitable for both beginner and experienced archers. You can visit the course and test your skills alone or, for beginners, with a guide.


The parkour archery course is located in the beautiful Draga valley. It begins at Draga Inn, where archers should register, and where it is also possible to hire equipment.


For beginners reservations are essential at least 2 days in advance. Beginners will take a short introductory course with a guide before setting off on the parkour course.


The whole experience lasts approximately 2 hours for experienced archers, whilst for beginners, together with the introductory course, it takes up to 4 hours. The parkour archery course is open year-round.


Open: year-round



T: +386 (0) 40 853 112



10 shots: 7€
Daily tickets: adults: 15 €, children up to 15y: 10 € 
Equipment hire: 10 €
Introductory course (1h): 30 €

Introductory course + daily ticket: 45 € (equipment hire gratis)

More than 1 broken arrow: 5 € 
Annual season ticket: adults: 200 €, children up to 15: 170 €, families (4 members): 480 €


Start location: Draga Inn

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