Winter in Radovljica and the Surroundings


The four seasons offer four diverse Radol'ca experiences.



A calm winter landscape invites you to visit Radovljica in winter. Many of the hiking trails in close proximity to the town are also accessible during winter.  Blanketed with snow and when nature is at rest, they take on a new look.




When there is sufficient snow cover, special winter activities in the fresh air are within easy reach. Many excellent ski resorts are within close proximity to Radovljica, while the town and its surroundings offer winter adventures for families. The nearby hills can be a wonderful place to spend a winter's day.




Radovljica takes on a whole new appearance in December when it becomes a festive wonderland. The beautifully decorated old town, with decorations inspired by tradition, and numerous festive events are reason to visit. The attractions of Radovljica, Kropa and Begunje can be seen year-round; every season makes a visit that bit different.


Family Winter Experiences


The Kamna Gorica ski piste
Ideal for children and beginner skiers

A small ski piste in the Lipnica valley that is ideal for families with young children. Next to the ski piste there are also cross-country ski trails.

The covered ice rink in Radovljica
Free skating for children

From the beginning of December to the end of February, Radovljica's sports park features a covered ice rink.

Fun - whatever the weather!

Have fun with friends or family – in the rain, snow or sun.

A unique experience in the midst of nature

Set off on an adventure with a bow and arrow! The parkour archery course, in the Draga valley, is suitable for beginners and experienced archers, and has 30 model forest animals targets.

Socialising and Recreation Year-round


Fun - whatever the weather!

Have fun with friends or family – in the rain, snow or sun.

Swimming in Radovljica's olympic-size pool
Recreation in water year-round

The olympic-size pool in Radovljica is open year-round. During summer it is open-air, whilst in winter it is covered.

Relaxing in the sauna in pension in Hraše
Sauna and jacuzzi

The saunas in the pension Török bed-and-breakfast in the village of Hraše are open to non-residents.

The small 'World of Saunas'
Swimming pool, saunas and a massage salon

Relaxation for the body and soul in the Lambergh hotel complex which offers a swimming pool, jacuzzi, saunas and a massage salon.

23.05.2019 20:00

A menu has been created in memory of the architect Ivan Vurnik, which is a combination of his favourite dishes and contemporary Slovenian cuisine.

01.06.2019 10:00

Combine recreation and socialising and set off on a mountain bike trip with a local guide and end the day by listening to good music and enjoying a craft beer (or two!).

01.06.2019 12:00

An entirely new festival is coming to Radovljica. The Craft Beer Festival will feature Slovenian craft beer brewers and will take place in the town park in close proximity to the old town centre.

07.06.2019 17:00

A new pharmacy and alchemy museum is opening its doors in Linhart Square. The museum will offer an insight into the past two millenia of global pharmacy with an emphasis on its development on Slovenian territory.

10.06.2019 19:00

Evening of Slovenian folk music.

12.06.2019 17:00

A tour, with an art historian, of Vurnik's birth house and his work in Radovljica. Guiding takes place in Slovenian language.

14.06.2019 00:00
15.06.2019 10:00

The main event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Museum of Apiculture and the 22nd 'Prangerjada'

23.06.2019 18:00

A celebration of Midsummer's Eve and Statehood Day in the embrace of the ruins of Kamen Castle in Begunje na Gorenjskem.

04.07.2019 20:00

Summer evenings are perfect for concerts and local street food.

06.07.2019 10:00

A visit to Kropa on this special day will reviel its rich history and traditions.

07.07.2019 10:00

Learn how to identify plants and forage for wild, edible flowers in a beautiful forest.

10.08.2019 00:00

Lovers of early music have been enjoying the Radovlijca Festival for 35 years. In addition to concerts, music workshops also take place.

23.08.2019 00:00

The Avsenik Festival takes place every other year in the birth town of Slavko Avsenik.


Choose a Different Ski Resort Each Day



Ski resorts in close proximity to Radovljica


Radovljica is an ideal place to stay for a winter break.


Every day you can visit a different ski resort.

  • Vogel
  • Kranjska Gora
  • Krvavec
  • Monte Lussari, Italy

The above ski resorts can be reached in less than an hour's drive from Radovljica, or can also be reached by public transport.




News & Blog


21.03.2019 13:36
Radovljica image brochure

A new brochure has been published by the Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture to promote Radovljica and its surroundings.

With reference chart!

Written by Rebecca Svetina, March 2019


Where do these kids get their energy?! When your kids need to burn off some steam, but you need a bench or coffee, check out one of these public playgrounds in and around Radovljica and Bled. Each has its own perks.

05.05.2019 12:31

The Museum of Apiculture in Radovljica, the biggest museum of beekeeping in Slovenia, has been preserving the most precious heritage of Slovenian apiculture for 60 years.

06.05.2019 12:33
Follow a 'bee' through Radovljica

Radovljica is richer for a new adventure for families. The themed adventure, named 'Follow a 'bee' through Radovljica', has been designed to acquaint visitors with the life of bees in a fun way will be available from 24th May onwards.

Special Winter Activities


Enjoying the scenery of the snow-covered countryside

The snow cover in winter offers opportunities for different types of outdoor activities. With a guide you can traverse the snow with snowshoes or on touring skis.

A unique experience in the midst of nature

Set off on an adventure with a bow and arrow! The parkour archery course, in the Draga valley, is suitable for beginners and experienced archers, and has 30 model forest animals targets.

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