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Climbing Ranch

The D'Ranch Climbing Centre has opened in Vrbnje near Radovljica, which is run by the professional sport climber Domen Škofic.

The climbing centre has been designed with passion and a desire that climbers of all levels of ability can enjoy its facilities. Experienced climbers can tackle climbs of various difficulty levels using various holds and routes. The centre is home to the highest artificial climbing wall with the greatest overhang in Slovenia. Less experienced climbers, as well as total beginners, can try smaller walls with less overhang and bouldering walls. There is also a bouldering climbing wall for children.




  • 60 routes with difficulty levels ranging from 3 to 9b
  • speed climbing wall
  • bouldering wall for adults
  • bouldering wall for children


The climbing centre is run by the exceptional sports climber and local Domen Škofic. He reached the peak of his career in 2016 when he won the IFCS Climbing World Cup.


The climbing centre is open daily from 10am to 10pm. Advance reservations are recommended.



Entrance fees can be paid in cash, or, for advance reservations, by direct bank transfer.



Plezalni center, Vrbnje
M: +386 31 658 105
IG: @climbing_ranch
FB: climbingranch


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