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By bike around Radovljica

09.08.2018 10:37

Written by Kaja Beton, August 2018


Radovljica is an excellent base from where to set off by bike to discover wonderful villages, towns and other attractions.

Take a look at our three suggestions.

The town of Radovljica lies on a sunny plain directly above the Sava river valley. It is surrounded in one direction by beautiful Bled, with its famous lake, castle and island, whilst the Karavanke mountains are in the opposite direction. Between these destinations there are a network of quiet roads and attractions that are just beckoning to be discovered by bike.


We have prepared three suggestions for leisurely cycling trips where you can see the numerous attractions in the surroundings of the town of Radovljica. We have also included some handy tips about where you can stop along the way for some tasty treats.


1. Radovljica - Bled

Why wait in a traffic jam to get to Bled when its so easy and simple to visit by bike. Leave your car in Lesce or Radovljica and set off by bike to Bled on quiet country roads and lanes.


Begin in the old town centre of Radovljica and then descend towards the Sava river. Cross the river and immediately turn right. You can make a short detour to visit the confluence of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka rivers, then return to the road and continue on the dirt road beside the Sava Bohinjka river. There are three bridges that lead over the river: the first leads to Bled via the small village of Bodešče; the second through Ribno; and the last through Selo. You can choose any of the three. If you choose the route via Selo, you can also visit Kralov med beekeeping.


What you can see along the way: the old town centre of Radovljica, the confluence of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka rivers, Kralov med Beekeeping, Bled

Where you can eat well along the way: Restaurants in Radovljica: Gostilna Kunstelj, Gostilna Lectar, Gostilna Avgustin



Cycle among the castles and mansions of Radovljica's countryside. You can end your ride in the shade of the Draga valley and visit any of the numerous museums along the way.

Dvorec Drnča na radovljiški ravnini

Our second suggested route leads through the 'Predtrg' area of Radovljica and via the forest nature trail to the village of Mošnje, where you can take a look at the ruins of Vila Rustica and seek refreshment in the garden of the Vila Podvin restaurant. If you have children in tow, they will be delighted if you make a short detour to the village of Gorica where you can stop to play a round on the well-arranged mini golf course. Contiue along the former Emperor's Road through the villages of Spodnji Otok, Zgornji Otok and Dvorska vas. The route leads past Drnča Manor and onwards to Kamen Castle where you can visit the castle ruins and, if time permits, continue along the Draga valley where you can cool off in the shade next to the stream. You can return to Radovljica through the village of Begunje, where you can visit Katzenstein Mansion, the Avsenik Museum or the Elan Alpine Skiing Museum. The most direct route to return to Radovljica is through the hamlet of Nova vas.


What you can see along the way: RadovljicaMošnjehouses in Zgornji OtokDrnča Manor, Kamen Castle, Draga valley, Katzenstein Mansion, Avsenik Museum, Elan Alpine Skiing Museum

Where you can eat well along the way: Vila Podvin, Hotel Lambergh Restaurant, Gostišče Draga, Gostilna Pr' Tavčar


3. FROM LESCe to the villages beneath mt. stol

Our third and final suggestion takes you among the houses of some of Slovenia's finest literary writers, as well as to Anton Janša's apiary and the beautiful Završnica valley.

Janšev čebelnjak, foto: Jošt Gantar za

Set off by bike from Lesce towards the village of Hraše where you turn left towards the hamlet of Studenčice and from there follow the dirt road towards the villages beneath Mt. Stol. Along the way you can visit the village of Vrba and continue to Zabreznica. If this flat cycle route doesn't provide you with enough of a challenge, you can continue to Žirovnica and Moste, from where the road leads up to reach the Završnica valley. To return cycle through the villages of Breznica (don't forget to stop and take a look at Anton Janša's memorial apiary), Smokuč, Rodine and Poljče, then turn right towards Lesce. At the turning for the village of Zapuže continue straight on and then soon turn off the main road to the left onto a dirt road that leads to Lesce Sports Airfield. After cycling past the airfield you will rejoin the main road towards Lesce. You can also visit the Beekeeping Education Centre of Gorenjska in Lesce.


What you can see along the way: France Prešern's Birth House, the Završnica valley, Anton Janša's memorial apiary, Lesce Sports Airfield, the Beekeeping Education Centre of Gorenjska

Where you can eat well along the way: Gostišče Tulipan


These three suggested tours take place along quiet country roads and dirt tracks, however, they are not, as such, marked cycling routes. To aid orientation, be sure to visit the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre (TIC) before you set off, where you can pick up a copy of the map of the network of cycling paths, whilst a helpful cycle planner is also available to assist you along the way, which can also be found at the Radovljica TIC. The planner is designed to allow you to write down the numbers of the cycle network signs and then you can simply follow the numbers!


And for those who would like to set off on a longer bike tour, the three aforementioned tours can easily be joined into one longer tour by taking the following route: Radovljica - Bled - Zasip - Breg - Žirovnica - Begunje na Gorenjskem - Mošnje - Radovljica.


We wish you an enjoyable time discovering Radovljica and the surrounding area by bike!

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