The entrance into the museum

Avsenik Museum

Find out about the beginnings of Slovenian popular folk music and listen to hits by the Avsenik Ensemble.

The Avsenik Homestead, Begunje na Gorenjskem
The Avsenik Homestead, Begunje na Gorenjskem

The Avsenik Museum, which is part of the Gostilna Avsenik restaurant in the centre of Begunje na Gorenjskem, presents the development and history of the Avsenik Brothers Ensemble. The legend of Slovenian national folk music, Slavko Avsenik, and his older brother, Vilko Ovsenik, were the founders of this music genre which today is imitated by many ensembles in Slovenia and throughout the world.


The museum is housed in the brothers' birth house. Exhibits include original instruments belonging to the musicians and clothing that Slavko Avsenik wore on concert stages and on the front covers of albums. There are also numerous recognitions and awards that the Avsenik Brothers Ensemble have received for their services in the field of music and the promotion of Slovenia, as well as gold, platinum and diamond discs for the number of records sold.


A new feature in the museum are the interactive points where you can spin a track and watch a video recording from various periods of the Avsenik Brothers Ensemble. On the upper floor there is an exhibition of the Avsenik family history and an apartment with furnishings from the Avsenik homestead.


In the museum there is also a shop that sells CDs and other souvenirs.


For groups

In the museum, groups can watch a documentary film with archive recordings about the Avsenik Ensemble. The film is available in Slovenian, German, English and Italian. Guided tours are available for groups upon prior arrangements in Slovenian, German and English.

The multi-purpose museum hall has 70 seats.



Avsenik museum, Begunje 22, Begunje na Gorenjskem
T: +386 (0)4 533 34 02



Tuesday - Sunday and Holidays from 11am - 5pm
January, February closed (opened for pre-booked groups)



  • Museum, Children 5-15 years: 3,00 EUR
  • Museum, Adults: 4,00 EUR
  • Museum+Movie, Children 5-15 years: 3,50 EUR
  • Museum+Movie, Adults: 4,90 EUR
  • Museum, Film and guided tour, School groups: 3,50 EUR
  • Museum, Film and guided tour, Adults: 5,00 EUR
  • Museum, Film and guided tour and listening to vinyl records on a vintage record playere : 6,50 EUR
  • Guided tours are organized for pre-booked groups of at least 20 people.



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