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What to do in Radovljica when it rains?

13.09.2022 21:00

A visit to the Radol'ca area is undoubtedly best when it's not raining, but even when it is, there's still plenty to do in Radovljica and the surroundings. Read on to find out more.

Radovljica is known as the sunniest place in the Gorenjska region, but, of course, that doesn't mean that it never rains here. Although the sun always comes out after the rain – eventually – we would also like you to enjoy your visit to the Radol'ca area when/if it is raining.


Our first tip is without doubt museums. The wide choice means that everyone can find a theme of interest, some of which are also particularly interesting for children. The first choice for all generations is usually the Museum of Apiculture, whose modern exhibits and interactive content appeals to children. On the opposite side of Linhart Square is the exceptionally interesting Pharmacy and Alchemy Museum, where a real alchemist's adventure awaits. If you successfully solve all the tasks you will be rewarded with a diploma in alchemy!

Two of Begunje's museums are also very interesting. The Avsenik Museum is a great choice for fans of Slovenian folk music. You can while away a rainy day at the museum listening to tracks from the wide repertoire of the legendary Avsenik Ensemble. The other is the Elan Alpine Ski Museum, which is a 'must see' for winter sports enthusiasts. Among its exhibits are some for children and a ski simulator. Make the most of a rainy day with a family ski competition – indoors!

Photo 1: Visiting the museums is interesting in any weather.



Radovljica has long been known for its exceptional cuisine, hence no visit to the town and its surroundings is complete without taking time for a meal. Make the most of the bad weather and take time for a meal in one of Radovljica's great restaurants, where you are bound to be impressed by the chefs' creativity and the friendliness of the staff. You can also pay a visit to the new, boutique Radolska cokolada chocolatier, where you can pick up some sweet treats to take home.

Photo 2: The month of November is the month of local menus



If it's not raining too heavily, set off with your umbrella on a stroll among the cultural monuments of Radovljica. The route, which is mainly paved, leads past cafes, galleries and museums, which also offer a place to shelter if the heavens open! Begin your walk by looking at the Secession villas along Gorenjska cesta road, continue to see the attractions of Linhart Square and then to Vurnik's mausoleum in the cemetery. The easiest way to follow the route on foot is by using navigation.



Go for a swim in the covered Olympic pool, treat yourself to a relaxing massage or visit a sauna. Click below to find out more about what's available.



The village of Vrbnje in close proximity to Radovljica is home to a covered climbing centre, which is managed by the Slovenian sport and rock climber and former IFCS World Cup Champion Domen Škofic. The centre has a climbing wall for children and a wide range of difficulty routes for younger and more experienced sport climbers. If you don't have your own equipment, wear some lightweight sports shoes and you can hire the rest of the equipment required.


Climbing centre near Radovljica



Visit small shops featuring products made by Radovljica's artisans and choose a unique item that will serve as a reminder of your visit to Radovljica. The town has long been a place of creative people, so you are bound to be impressed by the talent and quality of the products created here. In addition to handicrafts, there are also local farm shops, where you can buy honey, various drinks, herbs and other local products and produce, which you can share with your friends or family on your return home.

Photo 4: Choose a souvenir of your visit to Radovljica



Bad weather was just made for watching good films! Take a look at what films are on and go to the cinema.



Radovljica is home to numerous interesting events throughout the year. Take a look at the Events Calendar, perhaps something is happening today that is right up your street.



While the train can't necessarily take you to the sunshine in the event of rain, it can take you on a worryf-ree journey through the wonderful landscape. The railway line leads alongside the Sava river to Kranj, Škofja Loka and Ljubljana, while in the opposite direction it leads to Jesenice and onwards to Villach in Austria. 


Photo 5: take a trip by train



From Radovljica you can easily and quickly reach other attractions and places. With a little luck, the weather may even be better there. Have you already discovered all the hidden corners and interesting tales of Slovenia's wonderful capital city? Or how about visiting the coast, and en route stop to explore one of the fascinating caves, or spend the day in one of the thermal spas or water parks, and along the way stop at a wine cellar and pick up a bottle of excellent home-produced wine. You can travel independently or go on an organised trip with an agency.

Photo 6: The magical underground world



The ideas above will ensure you surprise the bad weather and not vice versa! For any further information about current activities, please contact or visit the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre.

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