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Playgrounds in the Radovljica Area

Written by Rebecca Svetina, March 2019


Where do these kids get their energy?! When your kids need to burn off some steam, but you need a bench or coffee, check out one of these public playgrounds in and around Radovljica and Bled. Each has its own perks.

Check out the quick reference chart at the end of the blog to find the one that best fits your family’s wishes!


Otroško igrišče v športnem parku v RadovljiciRadovljica

The Radovljica public playground (location) is one of the largest fenced playground in Radovljica - Bled area. I love taking my extremely-active 2-year-old here! It’s complete with several swings and slides for all ages. The tunnel and bridge add character, and it has not 1, but 2 sandboxes! The mountains peek above the treetops, and I appreciate the small, landscaping details, such as the wysteria bush in the spring and the butterfly bush in the summer. It’s partially shaded throughout the day with several benches, a picnic table, and a small roof in case you get caught in a shower. Despite all the space and gravel path, be sure to leave your bicycle and dog at home. There’s a port-a-potty tucked away in the corner, though, if you need to change a diaper, you’ll have to improvise.


Until I became a parent, I didn’t realize how well-situated this playground is – it sits snug between the Radovljica campsite with a public swimming pool, and the Radovljica sport park with soccer fields, basketball courts, an adult outdoor gym, and skating rink. You can grab a coffee-to-go at the nearby cafe, or get pizza afterwards at the nextdoor restaurant. In the event of a playground accident, the health center and pharmacy are a stone’s throw away. There are only a few parking spaces at the playground entrance, but no shortage of parking in the vicinity.

If you’re in town April 1st–October 31st, you’ll be in luck! Otherwise, the playground is closed.


Otroško igrišče v bližini starega metnega jedra Radovljice

Another playground (location), a fairly-new one, sits just before Radovljica’s old town. It’s great for slightly-older kids, and all can enjoy the stunning view over the valley from the Sava River to Triglav (Slovenia’s tallest mountain). Though not large, it’s a place to take a break and enjoy the view. 



Otroško igrišče v Lescah

The Lesce public playground (location) is quite similar to the Radovljica playground – with all the amenities (for all ages up to about 12 years old). It’s completely fenced, and the zip line seems to be the highlight for most young visitors! You can enjoy great views of surrounding mountains and planes landing at the local airport. The picnic table is under a roof in case of showers. Your dog still needs to stay at home, but there’s a “real” bathroom, though a changing table is still missed.


The Lesce public playground is open March 1st – October 31st from 8am-dusk. You can easily grab lunch or dinner at the nextdoor restaurant. Coming to Lesce/Bled by train? – The playground is a 5 min. walk from the train station with other cafes and shops in between. Coming by car? – there is plenty of parking.


Otroško igrišče na Šobcu

Šobec (location) is a campsite, so it has all the amenities you’re looking for to entertain your kids – several playgrounds, cafes, restaurants, a lake, a river, mini golf, basketball courts, etc. Locals often go here to stroll through the campsite, run around the playgrounds, swim in the lake, or take a break by the river.


There are smaller, newer playgrounds scattered throughout the campsite. A larger, well-shaded playground is a short walk through the campsite. It is near the lake, but not too close – so you still have time to catch your kiddo before they jump in! It has slides, swings, jungle gyms, seesaws, a merry-go-round, a tunnel, and a climbing wall. On a hot summer’s day, the kids can take a dip in the lakeside baby pool surrounded by wooden deck. A smaller cafe adjacent to the playground is usually open in the summer. There are bathrooms with changing tables near the large playground and in the restaurant.


Your furry family members will also enjoy the campsite, but please keep them on a leash. They can enjoy a swim in the river, but they are not allowed in the lake.


You have no risk of your kids getting bored, but perhaps overwhelmed with all the available activities. Unlike the other local playgrounds, you may have to pay for the entertainment – especially in high season – parking is 3€, entrance is 5€ for adults and 3€ for kids (7-14 yrs. old), but you can plan to spend the whole day there! Check their website for daily visitors.



Otroško igrišče v Begunjah

The Begunje public playground (location) is one of the local-moms’ favorites – why? because you can sit back at the adjacent cafe while your kiddo safely runs around in the entirely fenced-in playground, complete with slides, swings, and a sandbox. It’s a public playground, so you’re not obligated to go the cafe in order to use it. There’s a water fountain available, plenty of parking, and a cafe bathroom (but you’ll still have to get creative to change a diaper). The playground is right beside the soccer field, so it gets busy on game days. Dogs aren’t allowed within the playground, but you can still bring your dog along to the cafe.


You might stop at the playground if you’re touring nearby sights. The Avsenik museum and restaurant is right across the street. The Avsenik brothers grew up in Begunje and started one of the most famous polka bands in the world. Just up the road you can walk through castle ruins at Grad Kamen. You may also want to do a short hike up the local hill to Sveti Peter (St. Peter’s Church), or stretch your legs on the Krpin fitness trail.

Like most public playgrounds in the area, it’s suitable for kids up to 12 years old and is open March 1st – October 31st, 8am until dusk.


Otroško igrišče v Begunjah - Krpin

At the base of the hike to Sveti Peter (St. Peter’s Church) or the “Trim Krpin” fitness trails you can find another playground in Begunje (location). It’s a hit with the kids – complete with several slides, jungle gyms, swings, and a zipline. If you’re lucky, there’s also cows and horses to watch on the hillside, but beware of the electric fence. You can grab coffee or a drink right beside the playground, but the cafe’s hours are quite limited (4-11pm on Mon.-Wed. and Fri.; closed Thurs.; 1-11pm on Sat. and Sun.). It may be hard to find a bathroom when the cafe is closed, but there’s plenty of parking, and feel free to bring your dog!


Meet you at the playground!


Note! *Even if parking is free, be sure to use a parking meter to avoid a fine. 




  Radovljica Radovljica (near old town) Lesce Lesce - Šobec Begunje (Jurček) Begunje (Krpin)
Open  Apr. 1-Oct. 31 all year Mar. 1-Oct. 31 all year Mar. 1-Oct. 31 all year
  8am-dusk 24h 8am-dusk 24h 8am-dusk 24h
Suitable Ages 1-12yrs 3-14 yrs 1-12 yrs 1-12 yrs 1-12 yrs 1-12 yrs
highlight big playground benches with view zipline everything, but not free coffee zipline
fenced yes no yes no yes no
well-shaded partially no partially yes partially partially
water fountain yes no yes yes yes no
bathroom porta-potty no yes yes (camp) yes no
changing table no no no yes (camp) no no
benches yes yes yes yes yes yes
picnic table(s) yes no yes cafe tables no cafe tables
dogs allowed no no no yes no yes
coffee available cofee-to-go nearby no cofee-to-go nearby yes yes only afternoon
parking yes yes yes yes (parking toll in summer) yes yes

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