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Churches and shrines in Radovljica and the Surroundings


From pristine rural churches to the pilgrimage site of the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Brezje.


Radolca's numerous rural churches, each with beautiful views and wonderfully preserved frescoes, make an ideal destination for a Sunday walk or for a short break during a bike trip. In Brezje you can set off along the old pilgrimage route.


There are 18 churches in the Radol'ca area. From modest rural churches to rich Baroque village and market town churches, to the three-nave town church in Radovljica. If you particularly like small rural churches, be sure to visit St. Peter's Church above the village of Begunje na Gorenjskem, the Church of St. John the Baptist in Spodnji Otok, and St. Lambert's Church in Lancovo. Admirers of gothic architecture will be impressed by the three-nave St. Peter's Church in Radovljica, whilst St. Andrew's Church in Mošnje is one of the oldest in Slovenia.


The Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Brezje
Slovenia's pilgrimage centre with works by Slovenian architects

Pay a visit to Brezje's basilica to see the merciful painting of Mary Help of Christians and the work of the architect Ivan Vurnik as well as other Slovenian artists.

The entrance to St. Peter's Church
A Gothic church in the charming town square

An exceptional example of the gothic three-nave churches. It is adorned by beautifully designed vaults, an angel star and a black marble altar.

15th century frescoes
One of the oldest churches in Slovenia

The church in Mošnje is thought to be one of the oldest in Slovenia. It has beautifully preserved frescoes dating from the 15th century.

A short hike with never-ending views

Hike up to the hill above Begunje na Gorenjskem and you will be rewarded by the sight of the charming church and magnificent views across the wider Gorenjska area.

The legend about Kropa's 'Chapel'

Kropa's 'Chapel' stands above the village in the middle of a wooded slope. It was built as the result of miraculous events.

An important Baroque monument

Lesce is considered the earliest Mother Mary pilgrimage destination in the then Carniola. The Lesce parish church is one of the most noteworthy Baroque monuments in the Gorenjska region.

The noteworthy side door
A church standing above the houses of Kropa's blacksmiths

There are two churches in Kropa. The parish church of St. Leonard is older, larger and easier to reach.

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Kamna Gorica
A village church with a view

Take the steps leading up from the village, visit the nearby Sextons' Museum House, and marvel at the wonderful views.

The entrance to the church
A church with surrounding walls from the times of the Turkish invasion

The lovely church with a surrounding wall from the times of the Turkish invasion. The eastern facade is adorned with exceptionally well-preserved 15th century frescoes.

The interior of the church
A simple exterior with a lavish interior

The frescoes by Matija Bradaška in St. Ulrich's church are regarded as one of the highest quality wall painting monuments of the 19th century in Slovenia.

The Church of Mary Help of Christians in Ljubno
'Stricken' Mary in Ljubno

A miraculous event in the 17th century led to Ljubno becoming a pilgrimage site that was once known far and wide.

St. Lucy's Church in Zadnja vas
An opulent Renaissance portal

A small church with a view beneath the slopes of Mt. Dobrča adorned by an exceptionally opulent portal inscribed with the date 1633.

St. Thomas's Church in Češnjica near Kropa
Smaller rural churches

Throughout the Radol'ca area there are several small, but nonetheless interesting, rural churches. Visit them whilst cycling or walking in the green surroundings.



Lesce, Ljubno and Kropa are old pilgrimage villages, whilst today Brezje is the main Slovenian pilgrimage destination.


The pilgrimage tradition in the Radol'ca area began in Lesce with the oldest Mother Mary pilgrimage path in the then Carniola. In the 17th century the legend surrounding the 'Stricken' Mary in Ljubno gave rise to a well-known pilgrimage route, whilst miraculous healings that took place in Brezje in the 19th century have led to it becoming a national sanctuary.


There are a number of ways to reach Brezje on foot. From Otoče railway station there is a marked walking trail via the village of Ljubno to Brezje. Thus, as in the past, you can set off on a pilgrimage by train and walk the final part along an old pilgrimage trail.


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A new winter experience

A unique range of ski hikes on the snow-covered Jelovica plateau. One-day and multi-day guided ski trips.

Radovljica Chocolate Tour

Get to know a town of chocolate. This guided experience includes visits to selected places connected with chocolate in the quaint town, as well as tasting of chocolates and other chocolate delights.

22.02.2018 13:43
Adele's choise of top winter hikes around Radovljica

Written by Adele Gray, january 2018


Though, in truth, I will never be a lover of winter and snow, since moving to Slovenia in 2007 I have learnt that in winter in the area where I live – Radovljica, in the northwest i.e. the alpine area - snow is a fact of life and, to some extent, have learnt to embrace it!

Sledding at sunset on
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written by Rebecca Svetina, January 2019


I quite enjoy the start of the new year in my (now) hometown of Radovljica. The hype of the holidays has faded and we can enjoy the frost-kissed landscape and snow capped mountains, which makes the fairytale town of Radovljica even more idyllic.

Radovljica on the terraces of the Sava river
The capital of beekeeping and chocolate

Radovljica is the sweetest Slovenian town, also known as the town with the most sun in Gorenjska.

Kamen Castle
The home of popular folk music

Begunje is the birthplace of Slovenian popular folk music and the inspiration for numerous songs by Slavko Avsenik.

Traditional houses by the Kroparica stream
The cradle of Slovenian iron forging

Slovenia's former iron forging centre is tucked away in the lush Lipnica valley and invites you to explore its preserved cultural heritage.

The old village forge
A 'mini Venice' beneath the Jelovica plateau

A picturesque iron forging village beneath the Jelovica plateau with numerous water troughs and small bridges, which has earnt it the name 'Mini Venice'.

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