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Houses on Linhartov trg

On foot to cultural attractions

Set off on a culturally-themed journey outdoors. Below are two suggestions for culturally-inspired exercise outdoors. Since Radol'ca is located very close to Vrba, the birthplace of Slovenia's greatest poet, France Prešeren, one of the suggestions below includes a walk there.

Anton Tomaž Linhart Monument
Park in Radovljica
Birthouse of France Prešeren
Church in Vrba

The first suggestion is actually an urban walk through Radovljica, which includes looking at Art Nouveau villas and works by the Radovljica-born architect Ivan Vurnik. The second suggestion, which leads through Vrba and Begunje, is somewhat longer, and is ideal for those seeking a ramble of discovery throughout the countryside. Both walks begin at bus stations and can also be followed by bike instead of on foot.




This 3km-long walk leads past many of Radovljica's cultural attractions and is the ideal way to spend a half-day in the town. It is also suitable for pushchairs and small children, and for those with young children, the small children's playground on the Gorenjska cesta road is an ideal place to take a break. Along the way there are several opportunities to take a break and/or to enjoy the delights of Radol'ca's cuisine; the latter, of course, once the cafes/restaurants/bars are allowed to re-open. Until then, you can treat yourself to something sweet from the vending machine in front of Kunstelj Inn.

cultural attractions of Radovljica

Since all too often in Radovljica we admire only the wealth of cultural sights in the historic old town, on this walk you will discover other streets and parts of the town, where you will find cultural attractions from later time periods. Thus, one way or another, along the way you will become acquainted with two well-known locals, Anton Tomaž Linhart and Ivan Vurnik, on several occasions.


The walk is described in more detail on this page, while the route is also available on the site of the OutdoorActive website and is also available in its free app.


A map of the route can be found here.




If you prefer longer walks and/or rambles in the countryside, on the occasion of Slovenia's cultural holiday, we invite you to discover the countryside between Vrba and Begunje on this journey which is ideal for those with a desire for some culture at the same time as beautiful views. You can read more about the so called Dežela in one of our previous blogs.


It takes around 4 hours to cover the 16-kilometre-long route; allow even more time if you plan to visit the museums and attractions along the way. You can also cover the entire route by bike, or drive part of it by bus. The route begins at the railway station (or bus stop) in Lesce, therefore you can use public transport to get to the start (note: the railway line is closed for reconstruction and it is envisaged that it will remain closed until June 2021).

France Prešeren's birthouse

The suggested route from Lesce leads to Hraše and Studenčice and then among picturesque fields with views towards Slovenia's highest mountain, Triglav, and the peaks of the Karavanke mountains before reaching the birthplace of Slovenia's greatest poet, France Prešeren. After seeing the cultural attractions, set off along the so-called Emperor's Road (Cesarska cesta) towards Begunje na Gorenjskem, where you will find works by the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik and discover the village's main attractions. The return to Lesce leads across fields and past Lesce airport, thus completing your journey through the Radovljica countryside.


Further details and the route are available on the website and in the OutdoorActive app.


Written by: Kaja Beton, Javni zavod turizem in kultura Radovljica, February 2021

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