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Vending machine with local culinary products

18.11.2020 08:48

From now on you can purchase delicious cake pops, cakes and local products, such as honey, eggs and fresh fruit, from a special vending machine located in front of Kunstelj Inn.

The vending machine with local products is filled daily by the local shop 18sedem3 and Kunstelj Inn. It is a joint project which, during the current coronavirus situation, offers desserts and a range of basic, local ingredients 7 days per week, 24 hours a day.


The project is particularly interesting during the current pandemic as it allows people to enjoy Maja Buden's popular desserts at a time when the restaurant is closed due to the preventative measures. The vending machine also contains some basic ingredients that you can purchase to prepare a meal at home. The range of products will change and be supplemented on a regular basis depending on the call for products and available fresh ingredients. Currently, in addition to cake pops and cakes, the vending machine features savoury pies, homemade iced tea, honey, free-range eggs, and fresh persimmon from the Primorska region.


Purchases from the vending machine are made using banknotes and coins. Change is given.


The vending machine will operate until the end of the pandemic, thus making an excellent addition to Radovljica's culinary reputation. The location of the vending machine in close proximity to the car park in front of the old town centre means you can easily purchase some sweet treats before returning home from a trip through Radovljica.


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