Summertime in Radovljica

Written by Rebecca Svetina, July 2019


The first week of the summer was a scorcher, and another heat wave is in the forecast! To make the most of the summer sun, we sought out the best places in and around Radovljica to go swimming, eat ice cream, and enjoy the summer!

1. Swimming Pools


The first week of summer we hit the Radovljica swimming pool – it’s a perfect place to find a pool for little and big kids along with a playground and ice cream. The Radovljica swimming pool is connected to the campsite. You can also find a sand volleyball court and plenty of shady areas for picnicking. The Kropa pool offers all the same facilities as well as a soccer field, basketball court, and picnic area to grill or throw a summer party!


Radovljica kids pool

Pool for little kids in Radovljica, photo: Radovljica Tourism




Crowds are always drawn to Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, but in fact Šobec is our favorite lake for little kids! We like going for the whole afternoon after work, but you can easily spend the whole day there. The Šobec campsite sits along the Sava River, where you can dip your toes and skip stones.

We usually go for a walk through the winding campsite paths, passed the river, and to the largest playground next to the manmade lake. We park ourselves between the playground and baby pool then chase after our kids. The lake has a gorgeous deck around the designated baby pool where you can watch ducks paddle around and enjoy the mountainous landscape. If tummies start to rumble, there are also restaurants and cafes at the campsite.
*Be aware that there is a parking and entrance fee in high-season. 


Summer at Šobec

 Camping Šobec, photos: Rebecca Svetina


3. rivers


If you want to avoid the crowds and find your own nook in nature to cool off, you might find what you’re looking for along the Sava River – somewhere between the Šobec campsite and Fux footbridge (Fuxova brv - The Sava River Trail takes you along this path) or near the confluence where the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka rivers meet. Since there’s no designated parking, it’s best to take a bicycle or make a hike out of it.

I went after work one day with my family, and we found a perfect little swimming hole. The following week we did the same only to find our “perfect secret spot” had much less water and no shade, so – the river is constantly changing and you don’t have the safety of lifeguards like at a pool. We made the most of it by finding a shady tree and looking for minnows among the rocks. Don’t forget to leave the natural spot as you found it so others after you can enjoy it just the same!


Summer at Sava River

Summer by the river, photo: Rebecca Svetina




When it’s really hot outside hiking mountains isn’t top on my list, but around Radovljica there are many shaded “flat” hiking trails that quite often follow a stream or river. I’ve already mentioned the Sava River Trail above. My little hikers also enjoy the Draga Valley and the Brezje Path of Peace.

The Draga Valley is a starting point for many hikes. You can find it through the village of Begunje. Make your way to Kamen Castle (Grad Kamen), and just passed the castle is a restaurant and parking to start your walk. My husband and I took the kids after last week, and we simply followed the stream while they splashed in the water and tested out their water shoes. We found mini waterfalls and ankle-deep pools. 


The Brezje Path of Peace is usually top on our list in the spring when the flowers are blooming, but it’s a lovely shaded path for the summer as well – including a super cute waterfall and wooden bridges criss-crossing over the stream. 


Family walk in the forest

Shaded walks, photo: Rebecca Svetina



It wouldn’t be summer without ice cream! Some days we go on adventures to lakes and rivers, but other days we simply walk the dog to our favorite ice cream stops, which are Ambient Cafe, Kavarna kino, and Vidic Cafe (Kavarna in slaščičarna "Vidičeva hiša"). All 3 have decadent iced coffee – be sure to order “ledena kava.” These cafes also have toys available for the kiddos.


Ice cream and ised coffee in Radovljica

Scoops around town and iced coffee at Kavarna Kino, photo: Rebecca Svetina

There’s no shortage of places in Radovljica to cool down and have fun in the sun!

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