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Life in the past

Mošnje Ethnological Museum

Old objects that were used by village ancestors tell a story about this Slovenian village.

An exhibition about the church
Life in the past
Old firefighting equipment

In the museum there are various objects from the everyday life of the residents of the village of Mošnje, including: earthenware cooking pots in a wooden wall-mounted bowl rack, a rustic stove and a large decorated wooden corner chest, a sewing machine and other equipment from farming households.


In the room devoted to an exhibition about the church, there are priests' garments, church vessels, books and pictures and nativity scenes made from burnt clay.


The diversity of life in Mošnje is attested to by objects in the larger room and in the former outbuilding: old equipment used by Mošnje's firefighters, equipment from the old school and shoemaking workshop, farming tools and machines that locals used to work in their fields and in the forest.


The well-arranged museum is in an old house opposite St. Andrew's church in Mošnje. The museum exhibits were set up by a group of village enthusiasts, and the exhibition was prepared in co-operation with the Radovljica Municipal mMuseum. A local will be delighted to give you a tour of the museum which can also include a visit to see the interior of St. Andrew's church - considered one of the oldest in the area.



Mošnje Tourist Association
Mošnje 8, Radovljica
M: +386 (0)31 598 934



Visits to the museum are by prior arrangement.

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