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The view from the Sextons' Museum House

The Sextons' Museum House

In the 200-year-old house there is a preserved black kitchen and an exhibition about famous villagers and notable sights of interest in Kamna Gorica.

The exhibition hallway
The exhibition about important people from Kamna Gorica

Above the picturesque iron forging village of Kamna Gorica, next to St. Trinity's church, stands the 200 year-old Sextons' Museum House. From the house there are beautiful views over the old village centre and towards the Karavanke mountains.


The house has a preserved black kitchen and toilet. It is a reminder of typical Gorenjska houses from the start of the 19th century.


The original floor plan has been preserved with a central living area and small rooms on the ground and first floors.


The ground floor is arranged as a museum where visitors can see the wide hallway, black kitchen, a small living area and cellar.


In the old wide hallway there are exhibits of famous men from Kamna Gorica: the politicians Dr. Lovro Toman and Dr. Lovro Pogačnik, the painters Matevž Langus and Ivan Varl, and the Kappus pl. Pichlstain family.


The exhibits in other areas of the house tell stories of interest from life in Kamna Gorica then and now, and about the work of the chaplains, sextons and organists who once lived and worked in the house.



KTD Kamna Gorica
T: +386 (0)31 708 913

  • July-August: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday: 10am-1pm, 3pm-6pm
  • by prior arrangement.

Voluntary donations


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